SNOW! in Hays (VIDEO)

Eagle Radio's Matt Gervais and Joe Lohmyer check out Friday morning's  snowfall in Hays

Eagle Radio’s Matthew Gervais and  Joe Lohmeyer check out Friday morning’s snowfall in Hays

Snow this morning in Hays and Russell; sunny and 64 degrees Saturday, and 70 degrees Sunday:

According to 120 years of official weather records at the K-State Ag Research Center, October snow is not unusual in Hays.

So says Official Weather Guy, Joe Becker.

Hays actually has had snow in September.  Both 1985 and 1995 had two inches of the white stuff during September.

The last measureable snow for Spring 2013 was two and half inches which fell April 23.  The average seasonal snowfall in Hays is 19.47 inches.