Huelskamp: $1 Trillion in new debt

Friday the U.S. Treasury announced that the use of “extraordinary” borrowing measures since May 19th added $328 billion to our national debt. By extending the Tim Huelskamp flagdebt limit till February 7th in this week’s “debt deal,” it is projected the Obama Administration could add another $300-$400 billion to the national debt by that date—and then proceed to use these “extraordinary” borrowing measures afterwards. In total then, this week’s vote will have allowed President Obama to add upwards of an additional $1 Trillion in debt – in exchange for absolutely no spending reductions or entitlement reforms.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp offered the following statement:

“Unfortunately, the insider deal cooked up by the Washington Establishment comes at the expense of our children and grandchildren. It permits President Obama to burden future generations with up to $1 Trillion in new debt – does almost nothing about the impending disaster of ObamaCare – and continues the status quo of out-of-control spending. That is wrong. We cannot sit back and allow President Obama and a bipartisan majority of Congress to tax, borrow, and spend away the future of America.”

  • passin_threw

    waits patiently for AMERICAN and his disdain for huelskamp to ignore the facts and post something about the farm program…

    • Yahooserious

      I think there’s plenty of disdain to go around for Huelskamp; in lieu of AMERICAN.


      Are you talking about that A$$ Timmy that got thrown off the ag committees for being to far out there ,for even the republican party? Tim will never get anything done in Washington, but spread around a little hot air in Washington , he is a joke to his own party . If he would of manage to “shut the government down” would he still get his subsides ????????????. If we shut down every tea baggers jobs ,do you think it would not affect anybody else.

  • alexander

    “it is projected the Obama Administration could add another $300-$400 billion to the national debt by that date”

    Projected by whom?

    Seriously, almost half of that scary $1 trillion is hypothetical projections made by unnamed sources.

    The numbers given, including the hypothetical ones, still only add up to 628-700 Billion.

    Which, apparently, can be considered “upwards” of 1 trillion.

    • disqus_ODa0i2F348

      Its a boat load of money to borrow no matter which number you use!
      Its my opinion that its out of control, no matter your feelings on Huelskamp surely you can agree on that!