USD 489 Hires Business Manager

KaiserTUSD 489 has hired for a new position.  Tracy Kaiser began as Business Manager on October 14th.  She was hired to replace Assistant Superintendent of Finance Richard Cain, who retired in August.  Interim Superintendent Dean Katt told Hays Post that as the Business Manager, Kaiser will focus primarily on the school district’s finances.  He added that as she’s able to, she will also begin adding duties and responsibilities in a human resources capacity.

Kaiser says that she plans on relying on multiple skill sets to help her in this position.

“I’ve worked for financial services companies. I’ve also done budgeting, cost control, those kinds of things. Most recently it has been human resources so I have a wide variety of background that’s all culminating into this one position which is great.”

She added that once she familiarizes herself with the district’s finances she will be able to analyze the numbers, look at costs, begin setting goals and suggest any necessary changes.

Katt said that as the Interim Superintendent he won’t completely step away from the district’s finances and budget. Instead, Kaiser will take over the day-to-day budget operation and management.  When she is able to, she’ll also take over the human resources duties which are currently distributed to a number of staff.

Katt added that in his opinion, the district needs to move towards a hierarchy of responsibilities which would allow existing personnel to, based on their strengths, focus on a few specific responsibilities rather than a laundry-list of duties that are shared among multiple staff.  The change would only centralize regular duties, not eliminate the involvement of the Superintendent or other higher-level staff.

“One of the things that I see that we’ve been lacking, just in the month and a half that I’ve been here, is the Human Resource piece of it: it’s scattered all around and I feel like we’re missing some pieces.  It’s kind of bothersome that a district this size hasn’t had somebody doing strictly HR.”

Once Kaiser is ready, she will take on those HR responsibilities, allowing a number of staff to maintain focus in other areas.

Katt said that as with the HR role, he believes duties can be realigned to allow for current district employees to maintain a few, unique specialties and responsibilities.  He said a realignment of job duties could help leverage the strengths of existing staff without having to search for additional personnel to help with heavy workloads.

“This hierarchy is what we need to get to.  If you look at the hierarchy that Hays has now, it’s convoluted; it’s hard to understand who’s reporting to who.  We want to get that organized, and at this time I couldn’t say that we’re going to have to [hire more staff].  I think we have a lot of really good people here, and it’s just a matter of maybe reassigning duties and some things like that.”

  • Property taxpayer

    Business manager Kaiser & Super Katt will soon learn that the teachers union runs USD 489 & all other school districts for that matter. This is just another FHSU student to go through the motions so the administration & the BOE can act like their in control. Look at USD 489 employee benefits that alone should tell us who is managing who!

    • Property taxpayer too

      Sounds like someone is jealous. Why don’t you go out and get a degree and interview for a teaching job then if it’s so rich with benefits? Oh, let me guess…you’re a high school drop out working part time washing dishes and don’t understand the idea of having a salary with benefits. The teachers have worked very hard to get a degree and deserve a salary they can actually live on. Have you not forgotten the wage freeze they were on for the last several years? It’s not like other employment positions where they can just go up to a boss and ask for a raise or bonus. Wage increases are across the board for everyone and only if and when it is approved. I’m not a teacher, but I sure wouldn’t spend thousands and thousands of dollars in tuition and four years of my life to get a job with no benefits and low wages.

      • Not a teacher

        Have you forgotten they had receive time off and other perks in place of wage increases? Can you tell of any other organizations that have 173 day work year? as many paid holidays, healthcare, & pensions as they do? Your right they don’t go to a boss for raises or a bonus. They send their union reps to demand them threatening a strike at the risk of your children ‘s education! Does this sound like a noble profession? Other unions base their demands on their company’s profits…they are not based on property taxes & threats to our kids! Wake up!

        • Property taxpayer too

          What time off and other perks???? They may not work 12 months out of the year, but their wages also aren’t $70,000 a year either. I talked to someone who has worked in Hays as a teacher for I think about 9 years now and has a masters degree and only makes about $35,000. That may be more than someone washing dishes, but this is a professional career, you have continuing education classes you have to take, and you need a college degree to hold this position. Hays has never threatened a strike and I’ve almost never heard of this even on a national level. I don’t need to wake up….you do. We need to make sure the desire to be a teacher and the funds for a teacher to have a decent salary are there or we will only attract sub par educators. Now is that what you want for our kids?

          • PTA

            You know a teacher that has a Masters degree. A lot of people with Masters degree are out of work! She/he should think about that before quitting their part time job with USD 489 that gives them benefits for life! You say the teacher has worked for you think about 9 years…which means she/he could get a pension in 1 year. Every year teacher unions in America meet to negotiate new contracts. They use the threat of strike as leverage. Either your just wealthy & dumb, or a teacher. They added another day to the Xmas holiday this year…and 3 in the last 4 years. Teachers may not work 12 months!!…try about 7 months…that even might change as they now want the entire Thanksgiving week off. Wonder why our kids rank 26th in the world in test scores??

          • Property taxpayer too

            I guess you went into the wrong job field then. Sorry. I’ll try to remember and say hi to you though as I pay for my groceries in your checkout line 😉

        • X

          Do your research. It is illegal for teachers to strike in Kansas. Our teachers never threaten to strike because they can’t strike.