Update – Wednesday afternoon Injury Accident

1600 Old Highway 40 Bypass10/17/13 – The Ellis County Sheriff’s Department has provided an update on Wednesday afternoon’s motor vehicle accident.  According to Sheriff Ed Harbin, the accident happened around 3:25 in the 1600 block of Old US Highway 40.  There were two vehicles involved.

A silver 2003 Mazda driven by 66 year old Georgia Beckner of Kanorado was southbound and stopped at the intersection’s stop sign. Beckner failed to yield to oncoming traffic and pulled into the intersection.  A red 2001 Ford Explorer driven by 18 year old Jose Jimenez-Rivera of Hays was driving westbound at the same time and struck Beckner’s car on the left side.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene and had to extricate Beckner from her car.

Beckner and her passenger, 41 year old Sheri Jackson of Goodland, were transported by Ellis County EMS to Hays Medical Center with injuries. Rivera and his passenger, 15 year old Carlos Sanchez of Hays, were treated on the scene.

Sheriff Harbin believes that all vehicle occupants were wearing seat belts.

As of 4 pm Thursday, Jackson was listed as stable condition at Hays Medical Center.  Beckner was flown to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita and as of 8 pm Thursday evening was listed as serious condition.



4:15 p.m. Few additional details are being released from Wednesday’s injury accident. We will report them as soon as they are available.

Law enforcement authorities  investigate the scene of Wednesday's accident

Law enforcement authorities investigate the scene of Wednesday’s accident

3:38 p.m. Two individuals will be transported to the hospital. Three others are reportedly not injured.

3:32 p.m. Two EMS units are responding to the Wednesday afternoon injury accident on the Highway 40 bypass. Two individuals are reportedly trapped in vehicles.

First responders are being dispatched to report of an injury accident in the 1600 block of Highway 40 Bypass.  Two injuries are reported. Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and check Hays Post for more information as it becomes available.


One of the vehicles involved in Wednesday afternoon's injury accident

One of the vehicles involved in Wednesday afternoon’s injury accident     Click here for a closer look

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    hope they have obamacare


      Your name fits you, if you knew anything , you would know that the car insurance covers the medical bills during a wreck or even slamming your head under your hood, which I’m sure you have done

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        and you’re sure they have car insurance? you would know this how? and sorry, I have never slammed my head under the hood

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          And are you sure they don’t have car insurance, its the law you know, then again maybe you don’t know, because you wanted to blame Obamacare for a car wreck

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            I dont know if they had car insurance, and i really dont care. But if you want to talk about the law maybe Nobama should follow the rules, and laws of our gov. Since you are such a supporter of the crazy high premiums, and for all the people of the who fall through the cracks with this so called health coverage. Plus since you know everything about Nobama. Where is all the money going that he is collecting on this healthcare?

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            What money ? insurance premiums ? that goes to the insurance companies.

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            Since when do people follow the law. Odds are from what is shown in the photos, they disregard the laws here, starting with immigration laws. Updates to this story should prove interesting.

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          There are so many people driving around without car insurance it is ridiculous. They will get a policy to go get their tags then turn around and cancel it or not pay their premium and let it cancel for non-payment. So, as an individual, you better make sure you have good car insurance to cover yourself, even if it’s not your fault.

  • Call triple A

    Ok so 2 people are trapped in the vehicle. There must be another vehicle involved or maybe there just locked in the vehicle.