Trego Wants Back in the MCL

Trego Community high school eaglesThe Trego Golden Eagles are looking to head back to the Mid-Continent League.

At Monday night’s USD 208 School Board meeting the board voted, 6-0 to reapply to join the Mid-Continent League.

In May of last year the board voted to leave the MCL after 59 years and join the Northwest Kansas League starting in the 2013-14 school year.

Trego School Superintendent Dr. George Griffith said they will send a letter to the MCL asking to rejoin the league and they will also ask the NWKL to release them.

For Trego to be allowed to rejoin the MCL the superintendents of those schools would have to approve them by a two-thirds vote and the Northwest Kansas League superintendents would have to unanimously approve their release. Griffith said he thought it was “highly likely” it would happen, but he was not sure how soon it would happen.

Griffith sited travel as a big concern and said that going back to the MCL makes sense for them now. He added that they are in the middle of scheduling and it would be easy to make the schedules work.

If they are not given a release from the NWKL, Trego would have to stay in the league for two years before they could go somewhere else.

  • MCL Alum

    What is this about? Not even a semester or a season of play and they want out of their new league? Did they not do their homework last year beforehand? What exactly do they bring to the MCL? Not much as far as I can see. Why would the bigger MCL schools vote them back in….?

    • Mopar4Life

      They bring lots to the MCL, a great traveling town, they have won State championships in golf and basketball in the past 10 years. Very passionate kids and the “rivalry” with Ellis always makes for a great games.

      • Changes

        They should play teams their own size. Trego can’t field an 11 man football team – Ellis plays 11 man football currently. I guess as long as Trego can get 5 kids to go out for basketball, they can still compete in that. Times are changing, and populations have diminished in the MCL. This is just the beginning of these types of discussions.

  • Darwin

    Riedel’s pushed hard for this. Then when they lied and convinced enough people dumb enough to agree for it they took their kids to Hays for school. Bravo Riedel’s Bravo. Now one year later the people are wondering what did we do……. Makes me sick that it was changed in the first place. Good luck getting back in. I will be surprised if it happens.