Obamacare “Navigator” has Outstanding Arrest Warrant in Kansas



A woman by the name of Rosilyn Wells has an outstanding arrest warrant in Shawnee County and is also the only full time “Navigator” with Heartland CommunityHealth Center for the Affordable Care Act enrollment. With the Affordable Care Act implemented, online enrollment is available.

To help with the process of online enrollment, positions were created called “navigators”. An organization in Lawrence, KS called Heartland Community Health Center has hired Rosilyn Wells, the only full time Affordable Care Act Navigator they employ. Rosilyn Wells has an outstanding arrest warrant from the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office.

The Salina Post did try to contact the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office but could not find anyone to elaborate on the charges in regards to Well’s warrant. Furthermore, she has a 2007 civil charge from a local business for trying to cash a bad check. There are concerns that personal information is at risk because “Navigators” have access to Social Security Numbers along with other personal information from the people they are assisting.

Link for 2007 civil charge: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2183&dat=20070510&id=ctczAAAAIBAJ&sjid=mhUGAAAAIBAJ&pg=2715%2C963441

Link showing arrest warrant: http://www.shawneesheriff.org/sh/warrants_search_results.asp?startsWith=W

Link to Heartland Community Health Center: http://heartlandhealth.org/2013/09/health-insurance-marketplace-in-lawrence-ks/

  • redneck idiot

    typical stunt for the democrats to pull, flashback to acorn

    and before people start saying “she paid her dues to society” It is not worth the chance to take with so much personal information at stake.

    • No Telling

      Until I hear the entire story, I’m not going to pass judgement. I’ve yet to read she is a felon. “Passing a bad check” can be something as simple as misfiguring the checkbook and went beyond her means on accident and an a-hole business owner took the route of the law instead of reaching out to her to work with her.

      This day and age everyone in media is quick to print the belittling and eye catching unappealing law breaking, of people prone to error. as all human beings.

      Why haven’t we had a mass arrest on capitol hill with a gov’t run group of political dingalings that caused 16.7 trillion of debt that is not accounted for in an account anymore and throw them in the 3 hots and a cot motel?

      • Everything’s Backwards

        I love how she writes a bad check and you call the business owner she defrauded an a-hole.

        • No Telling

          I love how you think all business owners in this world are nice loving reasonable considerate fun loving compassionate people. :-p

          • :/

            So business owners should just pay the expenses that go along with people writing bad checks? They have a business to run and employees to pay.

          • No Telling

            Nowhere was that said. No reason running a business and paying employees does that give a business owner the right to be an ahole off the bat though does it?

            Snit happens. Your get more flies with honey then you do vinegar.

          • JBrown

            ya, people shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s services!!! How dare people ask for compensation!!!

          • JBrown

            How dare businesses make money! Only the government should get money and then they should give that money to me!!! God bless the great nanny state! It wonderfully well in Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela! It will be great here!!!!!!! yea!!!!! Im a dumb lib!!!! ya ya ya !!!! Im a dumb neocon!!!! ya ya ya!!! But I repeated myself!!!!

        • Chief59

          Eight years ago I had my identity stolen and someone got a hold of my bank account information. They drained my checking account. Nearly all of my bills were on autopay, so as they came out, my account became severely overdrawn in a two day span. I also had written a few checks the week before (remember when people wrote checks for most everything?), and they were presented to the bank and returned. I called all three places to inform them of the situation and said I would come pay in cash to cover the returned check. One of the businesses said “no, our policy is to prosecute”. I ended up having to go to court over a check that was less than $10. After court costs and restitution, plus paying to take a diversion to keep my record clean, I had at least $500 to pay. It seems like it was closer to $800, but I can’t recall for sure.

          Basically, not everyone who writes a bad check did so with intent to defraud or is incapable of managing finances. Also, not all business owners are good, kind, understanding people. No one knows the situation, so how can we pass judgement?

          • alexander

            Cool video. Mind never posting again?

      • JBrown

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        • No Telling

          You might consider sitting on an ice cube to cool off. Nowhere was any of your rhetoric mentioned or even insinuated.

          Can you trolls get on top of an ice cube to sit on it without a ladder? Just wondering.

    • Chief59

      Care to explain your ACORN remark and how it relates to this story?

  • JBrown

    top to the bottom