No Call List Violation and Big Fine for Kansas Company

A Wichita company will pay $10,000 in penalties and fees for violating the No-Call Act, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced today.Attorney General

Moore Water Treatment LLC, doing business as EcoWater Systems of Wichita, agreed to a consent judgment ordering them to pay $10,000 in investigative fees and civil penalties. The judgment was approved by Judge Rebecca Crotty in Shawnee County District Court. In addition, Moore Water was enjoined from further violations of the No-Call Act.

“We continue to vigorously pursue violations of the Kansas No-Call Act,” Schmidt said. “Kansans who have signed up for the Do-Not-Call list have an expectation that their privacy be respected. We will enforce the law against those who violate it.”

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division began investigating Moore Water in 2012 after receiving a complaint from a Wichita consumer who was on the Do-Not-Call list. In total, three consumers filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office against the company, while another 17 complaints were filed with the Federal Trade Commission. The complaints alleged that Moore Water was calling consumers for the purposes of conducting water quality surveys and soliciting the sale of its water filtration products and services.

So far this year, the Attorney General’s Office has obtained judgments against 12 businesses for violations of the No-Call Act. These companies have been ordered to pay a total of more than $1.7 million in penalties and fees.


  • Phone laws needed

    What they need to do is give this money to the victims. Seems whenever fines are given, it’s never passed on down to the actual affected people. There are a lot more places that should be shut down too. My business line and families cell phones are always getting these ‘junk’ calls and texts from long distance numbers. I had one a few weeks ago that tied up my line and I couldn’t get the phone to disconnect. Others are junk political calls or charities….both of which I feel should not be legal. I don’t want those calls. It should be MY right to say no to that and to have them quit calling. I even called the police once, but they said the call trace only will bring up what is on my phone bill and generally the caller id is spoofed so I’m wasting my time. Since they are calling my 800 business number, I’m also paying for these junk calls. Shouldn’t it be required that all calls be traceable?