Matthew Aaron Markley

Matthew Aaron Markley, Address: Hays, Age: 36, Charges: 21-5414(a)(1)(B1) Domestic battery; Knowing or reckless bodily harm to family member
Nathan Joe Young, Address: Hays, Age: 25, Charges: 8-1567(a)(b1)(A) Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; 1st conviction
Rosie Trujillo, Address: Hays, Age: 36, Charges: 21-5706(b)(2) Possession of stimulant; Possession of controlled substance, Possession of marijuana, Possession of drug paraphernalia
Terry Lee Roberts, Address: Goddard, Age: 30, Charges: 21-6203(a)(3) Disorderly conduct; Fighting words or noisy conduct to cause resentment