Does the school funding case cloud Brownback’s legacy?

(AP) — Hundreds of millions of tax dollars for public schools are at stake in a lawsuit before the Kansas Supreme Court, but so is the core of Republican Gov. Sam BrownbackBrownback’s vision for the state.

Brownback banks on massive personal income tax cuts boosting the state’s economy. His successful push for the reductions makes Kansas a lab for conservative ideas.

But Brownback’s signature policy stands to unravel if aggrieved school districts and students pursuing the lawsuit succeed in forcing a dramatic increase in education spending.

A lower-court ruling said Kansas must increase annual aid to its public schools by at least $440 million. Projections from the Legislature’s research staff suggest that the state can’t add so much new spending to its annual budgets with the income tax cuts in place.



    I’d pay more in taxes just to see him out of office

  • Leave our state alone

    This guy is such an idiot. I am ashamed that we elected someone who is willing to devastate the futures of so many young Kansan’s just to line his pockets. The morality and integrity of this man is pathetic. We have bled enough keeping you and your entourage in the elite class. Perhaps it’s time for your accounts to do some bleeding as well.

  • Old school

    Someone has to make a stand! The teachers union is driving every State into debt with their lavish benefits & pensions! The teachers work days keep shrinking…3 more holidays added in the last 4 yrs. Classes used to be a full hour, now they’re 54 minutes. Look how many assistants, paras, & aides now work in all our schools because of our spoiled teachers.

    • alexander

      How many hours a day, and days a year does Brownback ‘work’?