Annual Coat Drive Underway

coat people at master cleaners A nip in the air Saturday morning is a reminder of the cold temperatures soon to come, and the need to bundle up.

Free coats, jackets and hoodies of all sizes are available today during the annual Hays coat drive.

At 9a.m.about 1,600 pieces of outdoor wear were wheeled to the driveways of Top Notch Cleaners and Master Cleaners in downtown Hays.

“All the coats are donated by the public, we clean them,  make minor repairs, and then they’re given away to anybody who needs one,” according to Amy Smith at Top Notch.

coat people top notch 2Some of the children’s coats never made it out the door.  “Saint Francis Community Services stopped in Friday and picked out coats for their kids in the foster care program,” says Smith, “and on Wednesday, Judge Doug Bigge in Rooks County got coats to be distributed to children and adults who need them.”

The free coats are available until 2 o’clock this afternoon, or until they’re all gone.


  • Frustrated Citizen

    This should have been advertised as a coat drive for foster children. I showed up at 9am with two children and there was not one coat in either of their sizes (or any other sizes for all that matters), and they need coats. I wonder how many people would have actually donated their coats knowing that they were not going to the young school children of Hays. No disrespect to foster children, it should have just been advertised that way. Someone needs to set up a coat drive for the local children of Hays.

    • Kizzy

      It is a free coat drive provided by businesses that do not have to cater to ungrateful people. Maybe you can go without your smart phone or internet for a month so you can afford to get your children coats. Most people who cannot afford to get their kids coats don’t have the luxury of gettin online to complain about it….. Your a brat.

      • Frustrated Citizen

        Wow, talk about judgmental. All I was saying is that I thought the coat drive was for Ellis County. I donated our old coats that were too small during the drive thinking I could go there and possibly find one for our children. There were several families that were there with more children than me that needed it much more than we do, it is too bad they were not able to be helped. Get off your high horse!!

        • Growler

          I don’t think she was on a high horse mam I think she took it as I did. When I see someone who complains about something that is free makes me sick.

          • Frustrated Citizen

            I also understand where you are coming from, my bad. I do not mean to offend anyone. My situation is not as she portrays it, and not everyone is like that, but there are a lot of people that do take advantage of the system. I just felt that we should take care of the children in Ellis County first. Like I said, not trying to offend anyone.

          • Linda

            So if you don’t need free coats, why are you there to get them? And secondly, then complain about the way things are done when you don’t find what you want at the coat drive that is free for people who are not able to purchase coats? I am confused I guess.

          • Frustrated Citizen

            I guess I should have worded the whole thing different, I gave our coats to drive cause kids outgrew them since last winter, I usually try to find something at a thrift store or something, but there wasn’t anything last time I went. I will find something, I just thought the coat drive would be another avenue, maybe that was wrong. It is a great thing they are doing, I just didn’t realize that it was for kids in other communities and such. There are a lot of people benefiting from this, so kudos to the organizers.

        • just some guy

          kizzy did you ever stop to thing that this person was using the public library internet, or wait i bet you have never been in of those buildings, you know the one with all the books and such

          • Linda

            Haha, Really dude you are giving someone crap about someone being ungrateful, then making fun of their intelligence and having said thing instead of think? I personally know those who make fun of someone’s intelligence or attempt to, by implying they don’t know what a library is, their argument probably has no baring. Seriously she is complaining about something that does not have to be done to assist those in need, and someone who complains about something that helped foster kids is not going to be sitting at the library doing it. Seriously.

          • just some guy

            and your a perfect example of what i mean, AT FIRST YOU CALLED ME DUDE that immediately shows you IQ level. what are you some surfer chick in Kansas. My point was (since you could not figure it out) no everyone has a smart phone, an as i can tell you also have never been to the public library, because that’s where people go to do that sort of thing BECAUSE it cant be traced back to said person, so have a nice day Linda, next time ill spell check better

          • just some guy

            your mocking me because i the word thing instead of think? your showing pure intelligence by saying the word DUDE really Miss Linda are you a surfer chick, or just some pot smoking girl that has no concept of life outside you I pad, i phone or your internet, and yes people do go to the library to use the internet , Why because the address that is generated cant be traced to that individual