Second Graders and smoke detectors (VIDEO)

fire prevention stay down low

HFD firefighter Ross Meder shows Dawn Keil’s second-grade class how to get down on the floor and crawl out of a smoke-filled room

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  They’re the “best fire ‘insurance’ you can get,” says Hays Firefighter Ross Meder.

And Roosevelt Elementary School second-grader Tyler Johnson assures Meder that there’s a smoke detector at his house.

“It always goes off when we make pizza in the oven. It’s smoky,” he explains.

Tyler Johnson and his fellow second-graders learned all about fire safety this morning as they toured the Hays Fire Department’s mobile Fire Safety House in the school parking lot.

In addition to the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, Meder and other firefighters are demonstrating how to stay low while crawling out of a smoke-filled room.

fire prevention ladder climb out

Hays firefighter Brandon Woods helps a student climb out the window

The students are soon exiting the trailer bedroom through a window, and climbing the attached ladder down to the ground.  They each go to their designated meeting spot, on the sidewalk near the school’s front door.

This is National Fire Safety Week and HFD is bringing the Fire Safety House  to all first and second-graders in all the Hays schools.  Third-graders meet with the firefighters in their classrooms.

The Fire Safety Trailer moves to Lincoln Elementary School this afternoon and will be at O’Loughlin Friday morning.

Find out more about Fire Prevention Week tonight on Hays Post, Eagle Community TV Channel 14.