Poll: Government shutdown, has it hurt you?

The government shutdown is in day 10.Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 4.35.27 PM

Has it affected you?  Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • JBrown

    83% of government is still running . . .

    • Yahooserious

      Which means 17% of government is now effective.

    • Chief59

      Yet costing more than if 100% of government was running.

    • That Guy

      67% of all statistics are made up

      • JBrown

        100% of liberal “facts” don’t exist

    • ZMan

      It’s also a sobering reminder that half of those in government are below average.

  • :/

    Hasn’t hurt me near as much and it will hurt me to be forced to buy health insurance.

    • Chief59

      I have been on the exchanges to buy insurance for my wife, who has a pre-existing condition and could not get insurance otherwise. The prices were cheaper than I expected. I saw at least a few plans well below $100.

      • No Telling

        In regard to those “less than $100.00 plans”, What is the payout for a major medical need from the insurance company? Will they pay a substantial amount of the bill one would expect from a hospital, doctor, and anesthesiologists that would not cause a family to experience a major financial hardship?

        I have a damn hard time believing that those insurance plans will cover squat with a major medical bill in excess of $100,000.00

        • Chief59

          The plans in that price range were catastrophic plans. I was only boring them in response to the person above. I personally signed my wife up for a pan that covers 80%, has $2500 deductible, and covers her prescriptions. It will only cost us $201 per month. Until now, she was continually declined due to pre-existing condition, has several hundred in prescriptions per month, on top of several appointments per month. We will save hundreds per month.

          • eyah

            The only people who are against the Affordable Care Act are those that are either healthy with no pre-existing conditions, ignorant, or just wanting to complain. This is one of the best things government has provided in a long time. This actually helps people.

          • No Telling

            We will see.

            Only thing I see now coming is another dramatic financial drain pushing the government into deeper debt. As if 16.7 trillion is even fathomable of ever recovering from.

            No doubt health care is ridiculous in cost, but to even think that these plans will be this affordable in the near future with the amount of money that will come out of the insurance companies pockets to satisfy all health bills that pile up in the next year with people that do have pre-existing conditions is unbelievable.

            Nothing against anyone. I just think this sweet little “introductory” price we are reading about is going to be very short lived.

          • JBrown

            thank your nanny state real good. Some people don’t need a nannie govie holding their hands

      • JBrown

        That is a nice choice for you; why don’t you agree to let other people choose for themselves, fascist?

        • Chief59

          Kind of like you have a voice to buy car insurance? Or homeowners insurance? By the way, fascism has traditionally been a conservative movement that is opposed to more liberal ideas.

          • JBrown

            I am not sure how forcing someone to buy something is considered “liberal,” a word that comes from “liberty.” Sorry, can you explain more of this double think to me?

          • Drew

            Well, actually neither come from each other since those words have the suffixes fixated. The word you are referring to is the latin word “liber” meaning free. There are many different definitions of free. Not a specific meaning for “free” either in regards to our own liberties. Many would consider health insurance companies and hospitals that fixate high prices, to make as much money as they can, to be against capitalism and one’s free will.

          • JBrown

            many would think health care companies in bed with the government and sucking the governmnet off so that they will require everyone to buy their product at the point of a gun as against ones own free will. I think you need to rethink what free will means. That Koolaid must be really good, but with the amount of damage you and your lord have done to the world, you should actually call it “Killaide.” It is okay though, you will all get what you deserve. I have already left the country and have top notch insurance for $50 a month and in a country that stays out of the free market medical industry. I know, right? Go figure.

          • Chief59

            Yep, I’m sure you have.

          • Chief59

            I never said it was. I simply defined what fascism was, since you don’t seem to know what it is. I’m guessing you think communism and socialism are the same thing too, right?

          • JBrown

            “All hail Oblunderer! King of us liberal turds! His pee we drink!”

          • Chief59

            So no real argument then? Okay, gotcha.

  • country

    That’s why my insurance is going up. $650.00 with a per month lot of out of pocket expense to $1300.00 per Month with little out of pocket expense. After the age of 20 No Vision or Dental Coverage. Tell me how this is affordable healthcare.

    • No Telling

      Pretty much the stance of the tea party causing this opposition on capitol hill. It is not affordable healthcare. There will never be “affordable” (Talking average means income families) healthcare as long as the gadgetry, prescription medicine, and personel associated with the health industry are charged/charging extraordinary prices for schooling, insurance, and latest technology. This is the price paid for allowing monopoly’s in the health industry and high profile law suits over human error in surgery, diagnosis, and miscalculated doses.

      I don’t know the best answers. I do recognize the problems like most working, tax paying Americans.

      Somehow I still think in the end this is going to grease the palm of the federal gov’t for more silly spending that will do us citizens in the rural high plains little to no damn good.

    • Chief59

      That would be on account of your insurance company. Maybe y should get on the exchanges to find a better one.

  • disqus_ODa0i2F348

    I work in retail and the Government Shutdown has not hurt me personally except for a slow down in Consumer Confidence caused by all the uncertainty all this is causing. I wish our President would show some Non-partisan leadership and get this thing figured out!