City Limits Could Grow Slightly Tonight

city annexation request 10-10-13At tonight’s Hays City Commission Meeting, the commission will discuss a proposed annexation of land bordering the northeast city limits to allow for a business to develop the property.

According to this evening’s meeting agenda, “The current owners of this property have submitted a signed consent to annex the property under K.S.A. 12-520a and desire the annexation to allow for development and access to City utilities for a proposed commercial retail development.  The land is contiguous with the present City limits. Approval of the annexation will allow the property owner to receive full benefits of City services, including utilities and fire/police
protection.  The developer has already submitted full plan documents for the build-out of the property for review, including building plans and engineered stormwater management plans.”

Attached is a map of location, which is owned by Rosemary Flores.  The business referred to is Aaron’s, a national lease-to-own retailer.

City Manager Toby Dougherty told Hays Post that if approved, this would extend Hays city limits around the property, which in turn would establish a 2-way relationship with the property owner: city infrastructure and services would be available for the property, and the city would collect sales and property taxes from the owner and business.

Dougherty said he isn’t aware of any time table for completion of the development, but his understanding is that if annexation is approved this evening, the company is ready to begin construction immediately.

  • redneck idiot

    another bottom feeding business


    Why would any city allow a business to come to town and take advantage of poor people, or people that are down on their luck. All to be grossly over charged for their item they purchased. That is what is wrong with our country. The poor and people that are kicked to the curb are preyed on by these businesses. City of Hays do the right thing for these people do not annex this property to allow this type of scum business to our town. You commissioners or the county commissioners or any business owner in town will not be doing any shopping their, because you know they are crocked on charging someone 20 – 30% percent interest.

    • Chief59

      Unfortunately, there are already several businesses like this in Hays. Two rent-to-own stores, the car title loan place where Mr. Goodcents used to be, and at least 4-5 payday loan providers. These businesses do prey on people. Granted, the people who go there should know better, but sometimes they don’t have a choice if their refrigerator quits and they don’t have the money to buy a new one.

      The 20-30% interest is way low. When I (sadly) worked for a place like this, a consumer would pay 3-5 times what it cost to buy cash. We’re talking 300-500% interest. Plus, the companies constantly have items returned, rent them out again, and usually make a tremendous amount of profit. A retail store that sells a $500 appliance might make between $70-100 on that appliance. I personally saw some $500 appliances that had made over $2000 after being rented over and over again. It’s disgraceful.

  • country

    I started Last October filled out all the paper work to be able to hook up to the City Water line that runs by my business. They kept telling me that everything was fine and I would be able to hook up soon. Come June due to the Drought They decided that I would not be able to hook my business up to the city water line. All it would be used for is drinking water and a bathroom. The letter stated that they would not make any “New Hook Ups” to a business.

  • John

    What is it about that name “Aaron”? Is it the same Aaron that we paying to bring businesses to Hays? So far, our Aaron from the Ellis Coalition has brought
    nothing to Hays, but I would rather settle for that than this type of business!
    We all would be better off without this type of business…including the Ellis Coalition & DHDC. Our taxes would go down considerably!

  • The world

    What is the difference when you get a loan at the bank and they charge you higher interest rate due to your credit score or wont loan lower income people money? At least they are able to get money to help out or buy things that they wouldnt be able to afford out right. We have more lower income people in this world anymore then we have anything else. Due to everything being so expensive. What about the landlords that has places for rent so high that families cant afford or insurance companies that charge you extra for having a health problem or car insurance that charges you more if something happens after you have paid them for 15 years . So before you go downing places like that think about it. How much does retail store mark up their prices so they can make money? Its the world!