No WIC checks the rest of the year

(AP) — Kansas officials are notifying county health clinics that a program providing cash subsidies to women and children will cease issuing checks later this KDHEmonth because of the federal government shutdown.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says Wednesday that because of uncertain funding checks won’t be issued for November or December through the federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children, commonly known as WIC.

The program supplies low-income women with checks or debit cards that can be used for infant formula and cereal, fruits and vegetables, dairy items and other healthy food. WIC also provides breast-feeding support and nutrition classes. Low-income women with children under 5 are eligible.

KDHE says WIC serves 70,000 residents each month through contracts with county health departments.


  • observer

    the house has done their job and approved funding for these programs, now it’s the senate’s turn to do theirs

  • Gov’t shutdown benifit

    Finally. This is just another Democratic handout for a lot of freeloaders. Now if we could only give disability a wash of all the system abusers we could turn this economy around.

    • Chief59

      You disgust me. People like you that think that EVERYONE who uses a government program is a freeloader need to wake up. WIC and SNAP are both programs that help poor families. Is there abuse of these programs? Yes, but there is abuse of almost every program imaginable. I can only assume you are someone who wants drug testing to go along with WIC and SNAP, right? Guess what? In the states that have implemented drug testing, they have actually lost money, due to the fact that there was such a low percentage of people who failed the test. It cost the state more to test than it saved by kicking off the small percentage of drug users.

      • AMERICAN

        That was Florida, spend more money on testing ,then they spent on food, now that’s really a waste

  • Disgusted

    So sad that because our government can’t get their crap together so many families with small children have to suffer and go without nutrition. Way to fight world hunger morons!!

  • nunyer

    Whoever wrote this article needs to stop pretending to be a journalist until they get some facts straight.

    WIC isn’t a cash subsidy. The vouchers can only be used to buy cheap protein sources like eggs, cheese, canned fish or peanut butter or dried beans, milk, and low-sugar cereals; bread, $10 toward canned fruits or vegetables. (See the list at There’s this thing called Google that’s used all the time to find verifiable information.)

    Shame on anyone who begrudges even this tiny bit of food for poor pregnant women and their small children.

    • Chris

      Good post. The same people that don’t like WIC are most likely the ones that clamor for pro-life.

      Pro-life stance is more like “you better have that baby, but once you do, you are on your own, and quit asking for handouts”

      • A_citizen_patriot

        Yes I know, thoes pro lifers who think different then you. Its not like having a babys is a choice. I am pro life and im not against wic

    • hmmmm

      I do agree with you what you can use WIC for. I am also an advocate for women to use WIC if they really need it. But the main problem I have with some people on WIC is yes they go throught the check out line and get their 4 gallons of mild, and their 3 blocks of cheese, etc….. and they use their WIC card for it, but then they turn around and pay cash for a carton of ciggarrette’s and a case of beer while talking on their I-Phone. If they have cash to buy these things, then they should be able to use that cash to pay for their food, and let someone that really needs the assistance use it.

      • hmmmm

        sorry gallons of milk not mild.

      • Not Everyone

        Not every one who uses WIC is a freeloader etc. it was an invaluable resource for me when my first child was born. I did everything right but was just poor. However, I worked hard and as soon as I could afford to I left the program. I believe the system was put into place for women like me who used it correctly and left it for others as soon as I was able. I guess what I am saying is, don’t judge everyone for the sins of some . It’s difficult enough to have to seek this help and then to know you are being judged as you get what you need makes it worse.

        • Not Everyone

          I didn’t have cell phones etc nor do I smoke and drink

        • hmmmm

          People like you are exactly what WIC is used for, and thank you for working hard to get off of the program when you were able. It is the ones who dont try to get off that irritates me.

  • just some guy

    when my kids were little (late 80’s) i had to fight SRS to NOT give me WIC food stamps and cash assistance. I had to go before a judge just to make SRS leave me alone, and yes im a single father, that did it without government crap like SRS, because once you get those things they think that they own you and your children

  • concerned citizen

    What a sad state we live in, our president chooses to keep his private resort Camp David open and security at all the private golf courses he frequents in DC but programs such as this are not funded. Sad, very sad from our leader.

    • Chief59

      I think you are confused. What about Republicans who would rather have war memorials open than to feed the hungry? Or have their pay and benefits instead of help the needy? Both sides have fault in this debacle, but the side that has been clamoring for government shutdown is probably the side more to blame, don’t you think?

      • observer

        it was the obama administration that made the decision to expend funds putting up barricades at the veterans memorials, place orange cones on roadside turnouts at mt rushmore, remove the handles from drinking fountains at stops along hiking trails which all of these are normally open 24/7/365. It was also his admin that closed off access to privately owned sites like G Washingtons home as well as kick people out of their privates homes at lake mead which happen to be on leased land. Maybe the money spent to make the shutdown “as painful as possible” could have been better used for the wic program.

        • Chief59

          You and everyone else that keep going back to how the parks and memorials being closed makes this “as painful as possible” are ridiculous. Someone missing a vacation or opportunity to see a monument is not even close to experiencing the pain of going hungry because one part of one branch of our government feels they can use the American people as a bargaining chip. It’s amazing to me that the party that continually shouts for freedom is the one that is okay with a large percentage of our country’s population being held down by a party that cares nothing about them.

          • observer

            the house has already approved the funding to keep wic and veterans programs running, the senate is the group stopping things. But then harry reid is worried about his plan being “screwed up” by the D.C. mayor asking why they can’t spend their own D.C. funds, so it would seem as though the dems are the ones playing “lets’s hurt people” in all this

          • alexander

            You are the worst shill troll.

          • observer

            do you have anything to contribute to the debate or do you just call people names?

          • Connie Lee

            Missing a vacation is one thing, however, the democrats are shutting down businesses and putting people out of their homes that are on leased national land. They have refused access to the ocean, lakes and rivers
            And they are spending a lot of money to do it

          • Chief59

            The democrats…..hilarious. I still can’t believe people are blaming this on anyone BUT the Tea Party. I know that this is a red state, but do your political beliefs really obscure your sense of reason so much that you can’t see that the people who said they WANT TO SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN are the ones responsible for shutting it down? Rush Limbaugh and Hannity and Fox News must have a huge hold on your sense of reason. I was raised in a very conservative household, but once I was on my own and able to think more for myself, I realized that you don’t have to belief what others around you believe. Try using your own mind instead of listening to what talking heads tell you.

          • observer

            so you must get your news from msnbc and the rest of obama’s propaganda machine, you sound just like them. obviously anyone that thinks differently than you must not be able to think for themselves.

          • Chief59

            Not exactly. I will go to msnbc, cnn, yahoo, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, or anywhere EXCEPT Fox. (interesting tidbit: Did you know that a couple of studies have found that viewers of the Daily Show, a comedy program, are actually MORE informed of current news events than viewers who get their news from Fox?)

            I take what I read at msnbc with a grain of salt. They lean as far to the left as Fox does to the right, so they do have an agenda to push. However, they don’t blatantly distort the way Fox does.

            My favorite place to fact check what I read?


            They will tell it like it is, regardless of who is saying it.

            Like I said, I try to think for myself. If people want to watch Fox News, good for them, but they need to realize it is more entertainment at this point than actual news. Limbaugh and Hannity? Talking heads who probably don’t even believe the crazy stuff they say. They just want to rile up the people who will believe whatever they hear, as long as it aligns with their beliefs that Obama=bad.

            Also, anyone who uses the phrase “Obama’s propaganda machine” is obviously a Fox loyalist. Where else do you hear that drivel, other than a Sarah Palin twitter feed. That’s for another day though…

          • observer

            after seeing your news sources , your arguments lose all credibility, you talk about “talking heads” … wow !! now if you had maybe listed reuters and the bbc you may have held some credibility but when you list colbert and stewart as news??? forget it

          • Chief59

            Reuters is a good source. My point in listing Stewart and Colbert was that they are better at providing news than Fox News. I never said that was my sole news source. When comedy shows become more informative than an actual news network, you know that network has problems. You can in no way compare the two “talking heads” I listed to Hannity and Limbaugh.

          • AMERICAN

            I watch fox and listen to rush on the patriot radio, but when I hear know bull$hit and lies , I’ve have to change the dial. I tell my righty friends I listen so I can keep up with the misinformation they are feeding you .I bet you thought the acorn video was true, because fox never showed the whole video, on parts of it . Facts check or snoops it, you will find out how gullible you really are

        • alexander

          Chain emails are cute sources for information. Next time just copy/paste the chain email you get your news from.

        • AMERICAN

          Right off fox news? talking points page. When they close places down this is what happens, they don’t leave the doors unlock with the lights on and just go home. When you leave work I bet you lock the doors, that’s if you lazy righty’s have a job

          • observer

            usually when the name calling and personal attacks get going and there is no useful conversation happening is what closes threads down. calling me a troll or a lazy righty with no job just shows the weakness in your position. I have a job and work damn hard for my money, now having said that, I have no problem with the wic program and don’t begrudge anyone that truly needs it. the house has voted to approve it’s funding along with many other departments,now it’s up to the senate and president to take the next step and pass it


      No a sad, sad post from you

  • Pissed off American

    Taking food out of poor pregnant women and children’s mouths while our congressman are acting like toddlers themselves but still getting paid six figures during the shutdown. SHAME ON YOU AMERICA!!!

    • Rocket Science

      Yeah! Now I wont be able to go see my sister and listen to her complain about how she has a ton of milk and cheese so I should take some home with me. This program was a joke.

      • janet

        Wrong. The program provides basic nutrients to children in need. WIC vouchers, unlike food stamps/vision cards, limit the purchaser to the absolute basic nutritional essentials for survival. No joke.

  • Frustrated

    The way that your article on the Hays Post article portrayed
    the situation is not very accurate. We are to only issue food checks for
    October at this point, but if the shutdown ends before November things will go
    back to usual and we will then issue more checks at that time. This headline
    reads as if it is shut down for the rest of the year regardless. I would think
    that the Hays Post would do a better job of including all of the facts provided
    to them by KDHE instead of just a sensationalistic headline such as this. I for
    one am disappointed! That is something you would expect out of a much larger
    news organization not a local one. This is really giving misinformation to WIC
    clients and the general public!

    • What I mean…

      You said it all in one sentence, “I would thinkthat the Hays Post would do a better job of including all of the facts provided
      to them by KDHE instead of just a sensationalistic headline such as this.”. More sensationalist journalism….

  • :/

    I think a lot of people wouldn’t view programs like WIC in a negative way if more was done to get rid of the freeloaders on it. If you can afford things that fall into the “wants” you can afford to buy the “needs” as well. Formula and food for your baby/kids should come before your iphone.

    • Chief59

      WIC is one of the most successful programs out there. As I said in an earlier post, any program will have its abusers, but WIC is far from being rampantly abused. People view SNAP and WIC in a negative way due to the insinuation that there are tons of freeloaders, when that percentage is actually quite low. The demonization of programs that help the working poor is sickening. The thinking by some politicians (and their constituents) is, “Sure, give billion dollar corporations more tax breaks, but help feed children and single mothers? F##k that!”. It is the horrible America we live in.