UPDATE – Local Business No Longer Closing

4:30pm – Trevor May told Hays Post that a “certain chain of events” this afternoon is allowing the Sears Hometown Store in Hays to remain open Friday and beyond.   May said that after this afternoon’s events (which he wouldn’t comment on in any detail) there are no longer any plans to close the store.



Original story – Sears Hometown Center located on Vine Street is closing its doors on Friday, October 11th.

Store owner Trevor May told Hays Post that this isn’t a permanent closure.   He said that it will be a temporary shutdown as the store transitions back to Sears.  “I can’t tell you exactly how long it’s going to be closed, but they’ll bring in a transition team and reopen it back up and continue on business as normal.  Me personally, I don’t have the means to continue on.”

Notice in the store window. Click on it for a closer look.

Notice in the store window. Click on it for a closer look.

May declined to comment further on the reasons behind the temporary closure and why he is leaving, only commenting that his departure is for “personal reasons.”

He did state that he made the announcement to his staff last week and the temporary closure will ultimately impact 6 employees.Sears

  • Was a Sears Customer

    Hopefully it will improve. We were a Sears customer, but over the last few years, the store’s condition has deteriorated and frankly their customer service has a lot to be desired. We now shop in the Salina Sears store. Maybe it’ll be transitioned with new management. We’ll bring our business back then.

    • Guest

      Have you considered shopping locally at a store other than Sears? Hays has some good locally owned appliance stores.

      • guest

        Lol.!! Sure it does. !! I’ll remember that next time I want to overpay for poor service…

        • Charlie

          Genuine Appliance Center is a great local place to shop and we have always received amazing customer service!

          • ll

            Horizon Appliance proved their dedication and customer service standards to me several years ago. Will support them any time.

        • Chief59

          Have you gone in the Sears store in the last 5 years? The clerks don’t even acknowledged you walk in the door. However, the local businesses here that sell appliances actually seem to care about the customer. The prices may not always be what Lowes or Home Depot are, but I’ve found them to normally be very close and sometimes better. Plus, both of those stores can help you after the sale. That is something you don’t seem to get at Sears or Home Depot in Hays. Those two big stores always want to pass the buck onto someone else. That is something I haven’t experienced at Genuine Appliance or Horizon Appliance. Keeping local businesses strong and tax dollars is important to me, so I’m willing to give the local guys a chance first. If I can’t get what I want, sure I’ll look elsewhere, but I’m not just going to run to Salina to save an insignificant amount of money when I can spend it at home.

  • guest

    Big deal. ..another totally useless store…good riddance

  • Know your Facts

    Sears was a local hometown Sears store locally owned and operated so it is a local business so supporting it is supporting this community.

    • Chief59

      Partially right. Locally owned, but very little of that money stays here. The owner makes a very small percentage of what they sell, the rest goes on up the chain. The tax dollars do stay here though.