FHSU: “University of the Year”

Fort Hays State EntranceThe American Red Cross (ARC) has chosen Fort Hays State University as the Central Plains Region Blood Services “University of the Year.”  Red Cross representatives will present a plaque at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 9, in the Stouffer Lounge on campus.  It’s the second time FHSU has received this honor since 2000, which is when ARC began honoring schools for their efforts.

Norma Dixon, Donor Recruitment Manager for the Central Plains Region, told Hays Post that this accomplishment is indicative of the amazing work the university does each year to guarantee the success of each blood drive.

“They do a wonderful job.  There’s a sorority and a fraternity together,  the Alpha Kappa Psi group, and they elect a blood drive coordinator every year for us.  Just by having that group involved, we’re solidifying having the blood drives there on campus.  It works out really nice to have someone who’s elected, takes responsibility for it, who is there all the time helping us recruit donors.”

In addition to students, school faculty and administrations have played a key role in the success of campus blood drives by allowing ARC to use the student mail system to communicate with all on-campus students.

Dixon added that FHSU has done a better job than some of the larger universities in the region in regards to number of donors and participation at blood drives.

The plaque and presentation will be in honor of the university’s 2012 blood drive accomplishments. In total, 502 units of blood were donated at FHSU drives, which was 112% of their goal. This year’s goal is 468 units.

To help meet that goal, Alpha Kappa Psi has gone door to door looking for donations to purchase t-shirts to be given out at the next FHSU blood to be held Tuesday, October 29th from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Wednesday, October 30th from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Dixon said that it’s been at least a few years since shirts were handed out at an on-campus drive.

ARC will be holding a blood drive tomorrow, October 10th at TMP-Marian high school in the gymnasium from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Walk-ins are especially welcome as there are quite a few open time slots.


American Red Cross Criteria to be chosen as “University of the Year”:

  • Growth: Between 2008 and 2011, the Red Cross collected, on average, 447 pints of blood annually at FHSU blood drives. So far in 2012, generous volunteer donors have rolled up their sleeves and given 502 pints of blood.
  • Outstanding Support & Continued Dedication: Each year, a volunteer from Alpha Kappa Psi is elected as the blood drive coordinator (BDC) to help organize and market upcoming blood drives. The 2013 BDC has secured sponsorships to allow for T-shirts at the October blood drive.
  • Exceeded Goal: The goal for 2012 FHSU blood drives was 449, and the Red Cross collected 112% of goal, with 55 more donors than the four-year average. Those donations could potentially have helped save the lives of an extra 165 patients in need.
  • Unique Recruitment Efforts: FHSU volunteers helped spread the word on campus to encourage blood donations. Some of those unique tactics included going door-to-door in the dorms to educate students and encourage donation. Volunteers also had appointment sign-up tables on various locations on campus including lunchrooms, dorms, and the student union.