Cossaart, Rupke Lead HHS Girls’ Tennis at WAC Meet
The No. 2 doubles team of Ashley Cossaart and Abbey Rupke went 3-1 and finished second to lead the Hays High girls’ tennis team at the Western Athletic Conference tournament Monday in Liberal. The No. 1 doubles team of Emily McPherson and Kelsee DeBoer went 2-2 and finished third. Brooke Forinash went 1-3 and finished fourth in No. 1 singles while Julie Balzer went 0-5 and finished fifth in No. 2 singles.

No. 1 Singles-Brooke Forinash (4th place)
L 8-1 vs. Morgan Francis (Great Bend)
W 8-1 vs. Stephanie Sanchez (Liberal)
L 8-4 vs. Taylor Fischer (Dodge City)|
L 8-4  vs. Jannette Martinez (Garden City)

No. 2 Singles-Julie Balzer (5th place)
L 8-4 vs. Jamie McVay (Great Bend)
L 8-3 vs. Sarah Raugewitz (Dodge City)
L 8-3 vs. Tierra Stoney (Liberal)
L 8-3 vs. Andrea Villela (Garden City)

No. 1 Doubles-Emily McPherson/Kelsee DeBoer (3rd place)
L 8-1 vs. Moyers/Schartz (Great Bend)
W 8-1 vs. Lininger/Howard (Dodge City)
W 8-2 vs. Apsley/Rodriguez (Liberal)
L 8-2 vs. Schmidt/Cartmill

No. 2 Doubles-Ashley Cossaart/Abbey Rupke (2nd place)
W 8-5 vs. Boyd/Huslig (Great Bend)
W 8-2 vs. Lopez/Childress (Dodge City)
W 8-6 vs. Evans/Arenivas (Liberal)
L 8-1 vs. Doll/Pastranna