13th Street project resumes (VIDEO)

13thActivity on the 13th Street project resumes this week.

Overlay will be put down between Vine Street and Harvest Lane, and then, the first striping for the new Hays bike path plan:

Cost of the project is about $700,000.

  • Stupid

    This is SO stupid. 13th street is bad enough with 2 lanes on each side, lets take away an entire lane and add in bikes. What could possibly go wrong?!

    • not completely stupid

      Having a turning lane will offset quite a bit of loss of traffic flow. You may occasionally get behind a slow person, but you won’t have to stop for people making a left turn.

    • Joe

      I heard all of the same complaints about turning 27th St from Vine to Hall into only two lanes with a turn lane. Now that street seems to flow fine, and I actually think it is safer because there are no longer cars parked along the street. That doesn’t apply to 13th, but if it didn’t slow down 27th, why would it do the same to 13th?

  • Slow it down on 13th!

    The Assistant City Manager in presenting this to the County Commission earlier in the year indicated that part of the plan is to slow down traffic on 13th street. So I plan to drive it more frequently, and may sure I am accomplishing what the city wants….traffic slowed down. This is just over the top. There are very few left turn offs from the West Bound lanes.
    So, turn on your headlights, and make sure to help the city by slowing traffic on 13th when this is all finisthed….to say 20 mph max.

    • redneck idiot

      20 mph is way too fast I say 15mph would be top speed with 12mph to be an optimum speed on to which to drive that way we can keep pace with the bicyclist