[VIDEO] Police Investigating Incident Outside Kansas Bar (WARNING Explicit Content)

The Salina Police are  investigating after an incident outside of a Salina bar Friday night was caught on video and posted to YouTube.

Name: Vest,Mitchell William Charges: Disorderly conduct; Brawling or fighting 250.00 EXPIRED: Obstructing Legal Process or Official Duty

Name: Vest,Mitchell William Charges : Disorderly conduct; Brawling or fighting 250.00 EXPIRED: Obstructing Legal Process or Official Duty

Police were called out  Speakeasy at 11 p.m. on October 4th after a fight was reported inside the bar.

In the video, which has garnered over 10,000 views on YouTube, a scuffle appears to break out while police were attempting to make the parties involve leave the parking lot and an unidentified male was pushed to the ground by an officer.

Few details have been released, but the incident is currently under investigation according to Lt. Siemsen of the Salina Police Department.

22-year-old Mitchell Vest was arrested for rude and disorderly conduct. The person that was thrown to the ground was not arrested.

This story will be updated when more information is released.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language. (NSFW)

  • ..

    I agree that the kid shouldn’t have been slammed to the ground but for the kids that were recording it just to put it on YouTube, they should have left the area as they were not involved. Seems to me they were trying to cause more drama than necessary. They could have lead the officers in the bar and explained what happened and with who.. End of story and they would have done what was needed.

  • Hmm

    These guys were SO immature. How annoying.

  • These are adults?

    Entitled children. The kid shouldn’t have been slammed to the ground, but what a bunch of immature kids. How do you expect anyone to believe that the guy who started everything is in the bar when you behave like that? Perhaps a public spanking would be more suitable for this crowd.

  • kg

    obviously the current commentors on here are either A. Cops or B. STUPID! Hope the officer gets fired for abuse of power. Notice how he slams him and then walks away. If he was really worried the guy had a weapon he would ve restrained him. Sadly if you want to see this same over reacting to nothing and slamming kids for no reason just wait outside the Home on friday and “hays finest” won’t let you down

    • Chris

      I’m guessing you must fall under category B.