Injury Accident, rural Ellis County UPDATE – Fatality

12:20 p.m. – The Ellis County Sheriff’s Department has sent out a release confirming additional details regarding Sunday’s accident.  The victim, 23 year old Roland Rummel, had jumped onto the hood of the vehicle while it was in motion.  The vehicle then braked causing Rummel to fall off, at which point the vehicle ran over him and he sustained severe injuries.  He was transported by ambulance to HMC where he died early Monday morning.

The department also confirmed that the driver of the vehicle, Austin M. Fox, was arrested at the scene of the accident for DUI and transportation of an open container.

10/07/13   10:45 a.m. Additional information regarding the accident became available today.  One of the individuals involved in Sunday evening’s accident has Sheriff Departmentdied.

Ellis County Undersheriff Bruce Hertel told Hays Post that the accident happened in the 3000 block of 140th avenue, with the call coming into the KHP around 6:33pm.  Hertel said that the information he has indicates it took emergency crews about an hour to get on the scene because the person calling in the accident wasn’t sure where he was.

Three individuals from Ellis were involved in the one vehicle accident; Austin M. Fox age 25; Garrett J. Vandenberg, age 21, and Roland A Rummel age 23.

According to Hertel, it appears that Fox was driving a 2000 Buick LeSabre with Vandenberg inside.  Rummel was outside of the vehicle clinging to it.  When the vehicle stopped, Rummel fell off and the car ran over him.

Rummel was taken from the scene in an ambulance to HMC where he died as a result of his injuries.

Hertel added that alcohol seems to have been involved as it was found at the scene of the accident, but he wasn’t able to comment on the extent to which it contributed to the accident as the investigation is ongoing.

The accident was worked by the Ellis County Sheriff’s office with the Kansas Highway Patrol assisting.

Once the investigation is completed, it will be reviewed by the Ellis County Attorney’s office.


8:09 p.m. Ellis  County EMS is transporting one individual to Hays Medical Center. We will have additional details as they become available.

7:40 p.m. The Eagle Med helicopter has arrived on the scene.

7:29 p.m.  First responders have arrived on the scene and identified a location for the medical helicopter to land in an adjacent pasture, west of the road.

7:24 p.m.  Graham County reportedly  has a medical helicopter in the air to help find the accident.


Law enforcement and other first responders have been dispatched to the scene of an accident near 140th and Saline River Road in Ellis County. A vehicle has

140th and Saline River Road, the approximate location of Sunday night's injury accident.

140th and Saline River Road, the approximate location of Sunday night’s injury accident.

reportedly hit  someone who had  been riding on the vehicle.

It was originally believed the crash was in Graham County. At one point the accident was identified in Norton County.

Few details are available at this time. Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and check Hays Post for more information as it becomes available.

  • hmmmm

    WOW this is deja vu from a few months ago. C’Mon kids “hood surfing” is not a good idea.
    Prayers being sent toward the Rummel family.

    • hmmmm

      I stand corrected, it does not appear to be “hood surfing”. I should have waited for all details before making my assumptions. Either way it is a sad situation.
      Praying for the family.

  • Mary Kathryn Owston

    RIP Roland! you will be missed by many. Watch over your little girls!

  • disqus_ODa0i2F348

    Does the technology not exist to tell where a caller is dialing 911 from when using a cell phone?

    • hmmmm

      It could depend on your phone carrier, it could depend on which tower you bounce off of, and a few other factors could play a factor in tracking cell phones.

  • B.

    Garrett and Roland were not good kids

  • De Ja Vu your right

    Good Ridance. After the fatality accident he was involved in in Saline County and the one he was involved in some capacity here in Ellis County northof ellis several years ago serves him right he wont be missed here

  • JV

    The location of incident was reported correctly by those at the scene (i.e. 130 & Saline River Road). However, I believe that they weren’t sure which county they were in because they were so far north. Also–I’m not sure–but possibly the cell phone was pinging off of a Graham County tower since they were in the far NE portion of Ellis County (about a half mile from the Ellis/Rooks county line). May God be with the Rummell family. This was a tragic accident. I was called right after they called 911 dispatch and I drove straight to the correct location where we waited an additional 45 mins for any emergency personel to arrive.

    • JV

      Sorry…I meant NW corner of Ellis county.

      • ???

        The article says 3000 blk of 140th ave. This is several miles from 130th and Saline River Rd. as you stated. Rather than blame the first responders who came to help, why don’t you put the blame on the kids who were being stupid in the first place. And isn’t this the second fatality accident that Vandenburg has been involved in?

        • Ellis Citizen

          2nd fatality accident for Rummel and Vandenburg. The two boys that are still alive need to sober up and straighten their lives up, before we mourn them next. This was a senseless death. Our youth need to realize they are mortal.

          • JV

            Learn the facts before you point fingers, Rummel was the fatality,and Vandenberg had just left work and was a passenger.

          • JV

            And the driver of the vehicle–Mr. Fox–reacted as best he could to a bad situation. The whole accident was just a tragedy. God Bless everyone involved, especially the first responders.

          • hays-ite

            Wow JV, your son must REALLY love the way you’re defending him and Austin. Maybe you should’ve preached the effects of drinking and driving and drugs while he was growing up instead of waiting until someone got killed.

          • Old Bob

            I’m pretty disappointed by a few comments in this thread. Instead of gathering facts and mourning a life cut short, some people have decided to take personal attacks on others when you have absolutely no clue. I didn’t realize God used a computer; you are posting as if you are without sin at all. Maybe instead of preaching to others you should pray, tonight, instead

          • WP

            How many people do these kids have to kill before they pay the price

          • Old Bob

            I don’t understand why you are blaming Garret V. when he was clearly just a passenger in a vehicle. I am a classmate to both Garret and Roland, although Roland did not finish school with us, this is a very sad day for the Ellis community. I’m not sure how this all went down, but do know that pointing fingers when so few know the true details isn’t going to bring Roland back or make this situation any better.

        • JV

          I wasn’t blaming first responders, I was merely pointing out things that may have caused them to misunderstand the location (i.e which county they were in and the cell phone towers). Also, the 3000 blk of 140th ave is where the article states the kids were found, now I don’t know where that is at exactly, but I know I drove North out of Ellis to the Saline River Road, turned East to 130th and found them a 1/2 mile North.

        • WP

          Yes, he was driver in the other one that killed a individual

    • disqus_ODa0i2F348

      I am not sure about your timeline but its a good 20-30 minute drive from Ellis and EMS/FIRE would of left town within 3-4 minutes of being called out.

      • JV

        Yes, but the dispatch didn’t call Ellis, they called Graham County

  • ????

    I have been in several accidents! 3 of which loss of life was present. 1 with a semi, motorcycle, and my pickup does that mean I’m to be blamed when they were all accidents! I don’t know Mr. Vandenberg but I hope everyone is not so vindictive as you seem to be….. Just a thought, I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through a loss!! God be with all the people involved and there families

    • hays-ite

      Guess you had better stay off the roads then, if you’ve been involved in 3 separate fatality accidents.

  • Fish


  • Fish

    Darwinism at its finest moment.

  • IamwhoIam

    You know everyone here has something very negative to say. All I know is a family has lost a son and the other 2 boys better get their crap together and realize it’s time to grow up. I hope they learned something from this horrible tragedy. My prayers are with the family of the life lost and with the boys for God to grab them and show them the way.

  • Truth

    Maybe if they weren’t drinking this would have been prevented. Nobody’s fault but their own.