Thursday Rollover Accident southwest of Hays – UPDATE

Sheriff Department10/4/03  11:50am – Sheriff Ed Harbin provided an update on Thursday evening’s accident.

According to the Ellis County Sheriff’s department, a 2009 Mazda 3 driven by Rodney Bauer was southbound with two passengers in the car, Haven Vrana and Nathan Henry.  The vehicle  crested a hill at a high rate of speed.  The car ran left of center and began to lose control.  The driver over corrected, entered the east ditch, struck an embankment and overturned.

All three occupants were wearing seat belts and no one was transported by EMS for medical treatment.  Sheriff Ed Harbin also said that at this time there’s no indication that there were any other factors that  contributed to the accident. It is still under investigation.

9:05 p.m. Only cuts and bruises being reported from the accident. We will report additional details as they become available.

First responders have been dispatched to the scene of a rollover accident in the 1600 block of 240th Avenue, southwest of Hays. Three people are reportedly involved in the accident.  No other details are currently available. Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and check Hays Post for more information.

1600 Block of 240 Ave

1600 Block of 240th Ave

  • Dawana

    Slow down just a bit..might save your life..
    Keep wearing your seat belt..looks like the seat belt plus your angels kept you alive.

    • Joe

      Does that mean the people killed in car accidents don’t have angels watching out for them?

      • just some guy

        not that just means that there is no such things as angels

        • Joe

          My point exactly.

          • disqus_ODa0i2F348

            That just means the angel blinked and probably lost his wings for not doing his job!

  • Tommy

    These kids are very lucky. I have been driving 25 years and never rolled a vehicle. This appears to be negligent driving. Please slow down. Please don’t text and drive. Glad everyone is ok and hopefully learned a lesson from this.