Police Investigating Vehicle Burglaries

Hays police carThe Hays Police Department is investigating a number of vehicle burglaries that have taken place recently.  Lt. Brandon Wright told Hays Post there have been two recent strings, but crimes like this happen far too frequently and easily.

“They can happen in a couple of ways.  Sometimes it’s a crime of opportunity where somebody’s walking along and sees something in your car that they want.  Other times, people or groups go out and try door handles and look for unlocked cars; see what they can find once they get inside of them.”

He added that the value of the items taken varies.  Sometimes car owners have nothing missing and find that their belongings have just been strewn about.  Other times, victims will find that money, electronics, purses or other bags that were left in the car are missing.  Most often, items that were taken were left in plain sight.

Lt. Wright said that the best way to prevent such burglaries is to keep vehicles locked at night.

“In all of the ones that we’ve had recently we haven’t had any where the car was broken into. There wasn’t any evidence of tampering with the car, the cars were apparently unlocked.  So locking your vehicle is the number one thing.  And if you do have valuables, whether it’s your GPS or your purse, keep those out of sight.  Keep them in the glove box, or under the seat, or remove them from your car entirely.”

Wright also said that prevention is the best deterrent as these cases are difficult to solve.  The police department encourages anyone who sees something suspicious (such as individuals looking for unlocked cars or going through vehicles) to contact the police department immediately.

  • Tired of crime

    What about setting up a ‘bait car’?

  • Nice idea

    We don’t have enough grand theft auto for a bait car to be effective. That would be awesome though.