Kansas Honor Flight expects to travel

Despite the shut down of the national parks in Washington DC, a Hutchinson based Kansas Honor Flight is still taking 28 world war II veterans and their escorts Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.14.35 AMto the nations capital next Wednesday. Yesterday a group of Honor flight veterans from Kansas City did visit the world war II memorial and said they would walk through the barricades if necessary. It turned out the obstacles were already removed when they arrived.

According to Kansas Honor Flight the group will leave from both Wichita and Kansas City Wednesday and return on Friday. While they wont get to visit all of the memorials that usually make up the trip they did say they will have plenty to see during their two day visit. Kansas Honor Flight helps WWII veterans visit the memorial and is also turning its attention to those veterans who served in Korea and Vietnam as well.

If you would like more information on Honor Flight or to make a donation you can go to their website at kansashonorflight.org or call them at 620-546-2400.

  • Joe

    I am disgusted with the amount of attention the closing of national memorials is getting. I am all for honoring our troops who died fighting, but news outlets are focusing on this too much, while Republican congresspeople such as Michelle Bachman, Louie Gohmert, and the dozen other representatives draw attention to themselves on tv “breaking down” the barriers at these memorials. WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE NOT RECEIVING PAYCHECKS, OR FOOD STAMPS, OR KIDS NOT ABLE TO ATTEND HEAD START, or any of the million other reasons that actually makes life harder on the average American. The faux outrage has to stop. Maybe these congress “people” should get back to work trying to fix things instead of looking for the next photo op.