HMS Improves to 4-0

Hays Middle School

The Hays Middle School Falcons 7th grade football team improved their record to 4-0 Thursday night with a 22-6 win over McCook Middle School.

Hays Scoring
1st Qt. William Sennett 96 yard touchdown run. (Palmer Hutchinson run)
4th Qt. Palmer Hutchinson 24 yard interception for touchdown.
4th Qt. William Sennett 11 yard touchdown run. (Chase Voth run)

McCook Scoring
2nd Qt. 24 yard touchdown pass.

Their next game is Thursday October 10th at Smith Center

  • dagasdg

    Just the 7th Grade? Looks like Rachel Boone is sending in the stats. Do all the sports/grades or do none. Don’t play favorites

  • Rachel Boone

    What a hateful person! No, I don’t keep stats nor do I send them into Hays Post…Coach Maska does, and he only coaches the 7th grade team. Get your facts right before you assume things.

  • Rachel Boone

    Congrats to both HMS teams on their wins yesterday against McCook…keep up the awesome work!