FHSU Basketball player facing charges

A member of the Fort Hays State basketball team, Dwayne Brunson is facing a variety of challenges following a September arrest. Brunson age 23 was charged withBrunson battery, physical contact in rude, insulting, angry manner and disorderly conduct during an arrest in September.

Brunson, from Queens, N.Y., garnered a first-team all conference selection in his first year with the Tigers after transferring from Barton (Kan.) Community College. He led the team in scoring, rebounding, and blocked shots.

  • Clark

    Pretty low picking one guy outta the log just because of affiliation.

  • Yahooserious

    Seems kinda racist. Sorry just seems that way. Those are real serious charges. That’s a mild bar fight.

    • Yahooserious

      Aren’t real serious charges*. My bad.

    • Chris

      I think the people in charge of Hays Post have an angst towards sports. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a post of “hospital employee arrested for DUI” or “FHSU honor student charge with possession.”

      • Hays resident

        Well…..it’s not like anyone on the FHSU team has ever killed someone in Hays. Oh wait…..yes they have. Several years back with a baseball bat over on 12th street. I for one don’t care to have history repeat itself. When you bring in outsiders for your sports team, one needs to make sure there is more of a person there than just someone good at sports. I’d be curious to know too if we do random drug testing for our sports players at FHSU.

        • sandy

          “outsiders”? So typical of the mentality here…..

          • Hays resident

            Really???? So if you’re walking down a dark alley late at night by yourself, who would you rather find at the end….5 local Hays guys or 5 guys from Chicago? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be biased. Local people aren’t perfect, but from what I’ve read and heard, the majority of the crime and drugs are from people coming in from other states. And when they pass those drugs around to get local kids hooked, that’s what really irritates me.

          • Chris

            Maybe you should evaluate why you are walking down a dark alley at night.

          • Hays resident

            If your panties are gonna get in such a bind over my comment, then replace ‘alley’ with a ‘dimly lit store parking lot’. Either way, my point is still valid.

          • Chris

            Well, being a black man, I would much rather see some Chicago guys than 5 local Hays guys. Those local hays guys are the ones that like to hang out of their trucks and yell racial slurs.

          • Joe

            I can attest to this. It seems the intelligence and tolerance level of the “locals” is severely lacking. I live on a fairly busy Hays street, and I rarely can mow my lawn without someone (almost always a local high school age kid) driving down the street and yelling out things like “f*gg*t, f**k you, or something similar. Unfortunately, these kids learned this from their parents. Ah, the Hays mentality of if you aren’t from here and just like me, than you are a lesser person.

          • Achoo son of a Sneeze

            Joe I am a “local” born and raised and it amazing me how people will talk when they think you are one of them. Because I drive a truck and can talk about or shoot guns they think I have the same mentality as them so they talk openly. I can tell you their are a lot of closeted and open racists in this town. It is frustrating seeing this mentality as Hays is my home and not a temporary place while i get an education.

          • Joe

            Achoo, I see it openly every day while working with people for a local business. Rarely does a week go by without a person I don’t know openly using the N word in front of me like it’s no big deal. Also, I always have people complaining about sales tax by saying something along the lines of “Taxes wouldn’t be so high if we didn’t have that Kenyon/ni**er in office”. It sickens me and I struggle to stay professional and bite my tongue. Hey people, guess what? Sales tax comes at the state and local level, not from the Whitehouse. What really scares me is the fact that Hays is one of the slightly more progressive towns in the area, yet still it doesn’t seem like it is that far off from crosses burning in front yards.

        • Joe

          Wow! “Outsiders”? Let me guess, you’re one of the people that shout about how this is YOUR country and we shouldn’t let anyone else in? Don’t tread on me, right? Disgusting.

          • Hays resident

            Let’s back up a minute. I now see why you two are taking offense to my ‘outsiders’ comment. I didn’t mean blacks, hispanics, asian, etc. I meant people from other states, especially ones from cities filled with gangs, drugs, crime, etc. and they bring that with them. Just seems like a lot of our drug and crime issues in Hays are from people that don’t call Hays home. They are just here for sports and that’s what my comment was directed towards. As far as someone in town using the ‘n’ word or yelling things while driving down the street, I’ve lived here for almost 25 years and haven’t run across that.

          • Joe

            I’m not saying it happens every day to me, but it does often enough to realize there are some ignorant pieces of s***that live here. Like I said, I live on one of the busiest streets in town, and at least three fourths of the time I’m outside doing something in my yard, some high school kids drive by yelling obscenities, thinking they are cool. Really shows me how they are raised. Look at the way people overreact here. Examples: Facebook groups being thugs towards the school board, people losing it over adding bike lanes to 13th St., sales tax goes up to pay for ANYTHING and it’s the end of the world. How bored and hateful can people in this town be?

    • Woah wait..

      Really??? Racist??? Obviously, you are not paying attention to Hays Post close enough or not paying any attention to the news? Someone would throw a “racist” comment in here. Hays Post is not “racist” . Wake up to the world around you, white/black/mexicans are all posted on here. Wake up and pay attention..

  • billybob

    Yea but his is a basketball player. He is suppose to represent Fort Hays and this is not what Fort Hays is about.

    • Lectric Eddie

      Unfortunately this is an accurate representation of the mis-focus by FHSU on what is non-essential. The recent story about decline of Chinese students and FHSU closing a program because it didn’t meet its “standards”. I think the standards are what makes money and the president public acclaim.
      $15 million for an indoor practice field could have been used much better to address needs and more consistent with core elements of distributive justice.

  • 1265

    WHY? Hays Post, why single out one person??????

  • country

    Don’t worry they will have more to report about FHSU students after this weekend. I’m sure there will be many DUI’s given out Friday and Saturday.

    • JBrown

      I can’t wait for Monday’s police log

  • Did

    As an athlete of FHSU or any other university, you’re held to a higher standard and rightfully so. A student athlete receives pats on the back when they do good and should be reprimanded when they mess up. Should Hays Post single out one person from an arrest log of 20 some people? Probably not, but unfortunately that’s part of the being held to a higher standard. If you keep your nose out of places it doesn’t belong it will be a non-issue.

  • BS

    Maybe they should be putting it out on Hays post from the Hays confession page on FB about the ” NURSING STUDENT” who posted, down syndrome kids freak her the F*** OUT. Really you are a nursing student you shouldn’t be freaked out by nothing and have open arms to any sort of people. Just because he is a basket ball player at FHSU, doesn’t mean he has to live a sheltered life. Like a comment above it’s probably a simple bar fight that MOST college kids endure. We don’t know the entire story and weren’t there so we shouldn’t being singling him out, just cause he plays ball for FHSU. A kid I attended college with at NCKTC which is part of FHSU was arrested just a week ago for the same charges I don’t see him on headline news.

  • wtfisgoinon

    There’s about 5 football players in the arrest logs each week yet one basketball player gets singled out? WTF is going on here?

  • Still learning to Crawl

    Death Before Dishonor? Nice tattoo. What “Honor” code are you living by? I would be embarrassed to look at myself in the mirror with that ink. This little boy needs a lesson in what it means to truly live a life with honor, dignity and respect.