Huelskamp Praises Legislation to Keep Parks Open And Fund Cancer Treatments

Today, Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS-01) applauded the passage of bills to keep parks and museums open, as well as fund the National Institute of Healthhuelskamp

Huelskamp released this statement following the vote:
“House Republicans have acted to maintain important functions of government that both Republicans and Democrats have said are important to the American people. Instead of denying kids cancer treatment, like what Senator Harry Reid admitted today, or denying World War II veterans the opportunity to touch the memorial that is dedicated to their brave service, I am glad we moved these bills forward.”

“Though I was disappointed that House Democrats overwhelmingly voted to keep the national parks and museums closed – and cancer trials without funding – at least House Republicans are doing the common sense thing.”

  • Joe

    Yep, because making sure parks are open is FAR more important that making sure people receive a paycheck and food. Way to hype yourself up, you sick, disgusting individual.