Poll: Are You or Anyone You Know Enrolling in Obamacare?

Despite many attempts, Obamacare is now in effect. Millions of Americans will have the opportunity to sign up for insurance through the United States Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.11.07 AMGovernment.

  • redneck idiot

    I am willing to check into it but so far I found by clicking on one link in an article on the web site leads to another article, I have yet found any solid numbers on costs and what percentages are covered on services without typing in all kinds of prsonal information that they do not need for a simple inquiry

    • Joe

      Prices vary based on the plan you choose. There are several different options to choose from, and that affects your cost. No different than insurance was before today.

  • Pete

    Can’t vote on this. No where to click “Have my own health insurance”. Mine has gone up $310 since Obama was elected, and is going up again. “Affordable Health Care” for whom!? I’m going to wind up on Obama care at this rate!

    • enlightened

      How did Obama make your health insurance rates increase if you have private insurance?

    • Yahooserious

      That’s insurance companies that have raised your premiums. Not the affordable care act. Insurance has continually gone up since the concept of insurance began; home owners, car, life, health. I bet you’ll see it’s all gone up. Obamacare will drive competition and in theory should lower premiums over time.
      I-at first-didn’t like the federal mandate but its a repiliblican concept. Even MIT Romney said so; you can’t have free loaders in the system or we all pay the price for them in our premiums and distributed hospital costs to pay for those who don’t.
      If people would stop trying to fight it and instead work on making it better then just maybe it could be successful. Repubs. Will never win another presidency with their hostage taking. The pols continually show that.

    • Joe

      The President has no effect on your insurance premiums. That is the insurance company alone doing that. As more people are enrolled in insurance, costs will go down. Quit with the empty rhetoric.

  • Fire Fox

    Insurance company’s have gone up on rates due to dumb Obama and his stupid actions. He has raise a lot of S… 2016 isn’t coming fast enough.

    • Chris

      Uhhh…way to go with the intelligent argument…

    • juiceme

      you want to clarify your comments fire fox? like, be more specific?

    • Hillary C in 2016

      Thanks FireFox, I can count on your vote!

  • Pete

    Obama scared the insurance companies. I took out my health insurance in 1981, I was 18 and paying $90 a month for a major medical. In 25 years it went up $190, not up $310 in 5 years.

    • enlightened

      No, insurance companies are greedy, for-profit companies. They are highly under-regulated. THAT is the problem. Sorry, you can’t blame this one on Obama.

      • ZMan

        And Blue Cross of Kansas is for-profit??????

        • Yahooserious

          Oh your talking about the insurance conglomerate that has been investigated by multiple states for stockpiling cash beyond the state statutory reserve requirement while increasing premiums. Yeah non-profit my a**. Just cause they labeled that doesn’t mean they are. Only state employees get bcbs; out of range for the average joe.

    • alexander

      Obama wasn’t President when Lehman Brothers blew up.

      Republicans – Still not ‘getting it’ or ‘owning up’.

      Stay classless, Kansas!

      • paul

        you seem to forget it was clinton and democrats that precipitated the housing crisis by pushing for lower standards for home loans. by giving loans to people on homes they couldn’t afford it was a time bomb waiting to go off. stay cluless ,alexander !

        • Juan

          I don’t think you can blame any of this on Clinton. He is only one of maybe two presidents in our history that put us with a surplus.

        • alexander

          Those ‘lower standards for home loans’ aren’t what blew up Lehman Bros.

          I know that’s what the shills on the medicine show radio programs claim. But they are pushing a particular agenda. I’m not sure what you get out of pushing it for them?

  • Pete

    Just got this in the mail this evening. Remember I got this policy in “81”.
    Notice of Cancellation, _____, Your Immediate Attention is Necessary. This notice is to inform you that your current certificate with ____ Insurance Company is not fully compliant with the new Health Care Reform laws, Therefore it is necessary for ___ to cancel it’s in-force blocks of individual underwritten major medical insurance certificates.
    I have until the 31st of December to find a new policy.

    • Joe

      First off, I find your “letter” to be complete bs. Second, with the exchanges open, now you can try to find a plan that is lower cost than the one that was sticking it to you by jerking your premiums up. However, I’m guessing this is a story similar to the one you always see circulating about someone “in line at the grocery store buying steaks with food stamps to feed their dog because dog food wasn’t covered….blah, blah, blah….guess their dog will eat better than me tonight, blah, blah, blah….thanks obama”. This schtick gets old. Doesn’t the right get tired of demonizing people who can’t afford essentials like food or healthcare?