Affordable Care Act Navigator Helps in Hays (VIDEO)

Sayre Shuck, ACA Certified Navigator, Hays

Sayre Shuck, ACA Certified Navigator, Hays

Hays area residents wanting to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act can get some help and guidance from Outreach Specialist Sayre Shuck.

She’s a Certified Navigator based at the Hays First Care Clinic, although you don’t have to be a First Care patient.  Anyone can ask for her help, at no charge.

Shuck  will be in the Hays Public Library Gallery this afternoon from 2-4p.m. to answer questions.  She will also have an informational presentation Thursday, October 3, 2p.m., in the basement conference room at First Care Clinic.

Starting today until March 31, if you don’t have an employer-based health plan or Medicare, you can turn to the health insurance marketplaces:

By January 1, all Americans must have basic health-care coverage.  Thirty-six states are leaving it up to the federal government to handle all or part of their exchanges.  The other 14, including Kansas, and Washington, D.C., are setting up their own.


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  • Pete

    Keep premiums down? My premiums have gone from $280 a month to $590 a month since Obama was elected, and fixing to go up again!

    • Chris

      Seems like you are alluding to the notion that Obama made your rates go up. Illogical comparisons. The price of milk went up too…can we pin that on him too?

      The two most significant factors leading to an increase in insurance
      rates are an aging population and the overall poor general health of

      • just some guy

        america is fat and out of shape, too many fools sitting and watching sports, gluttony

        • Chris

          I wouldn’t just say sports…I would also add in Honey boo boo, duck dynasty, jersey shore, etc. etc.

          • just some guy

            yea them too

  • Pete

    I took out my health insurance in 1981 when I was 18. The premiums were $90 a month. It went up $190 a month in 25 years not $310 in five. I am not out of shape or obese, am extremely active, and run rings around most people 30 years younger than myself.

    • 244

      That STILL doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Obama.

  • Pete

    Just got a letter today from my insurance company. I’ve had this policy since “81″
    Notice of Cancellation, ___, Your Immediate attention is Necessary, This is to inform you that your current certificate with ___ Insurance company is not fully compliant with the new Health Care Reform laws. therefore it is necessary for ___ to cancel it’s in-force blocks of individual underwritten major medical certificates.
    I’ll let you all know later what is going to cost for major medical now.

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