New Sales Tax Rates Tuesday

Several local jurisdictions in the region have sales and use tax rate changes taking effect Tuesday, Oct. 1.Money - Cash 002

On July 1, the state sales tax rate decreased to 6.15 percent but local taxing districts may have a higher sales tax rate.

COUNTY CHANGES (including affected cities)

Ellis County (enacted a new rate of 0.50%)                ELLIS COUNTY       6.65%

        City of Ellis                        8.65%

        City of Hays                    8.40%

        City of Hays TDD                       9.15%

        City of Hays 48th & Roth CID                       10.40%

        City of Schoenchen                     6.65%

        City of Victoria                       7.65%

Graham County (decreased by 0.25% for a total of 1.00%)                   7.15%

        City of Bogue                      7.15%

        City of Hill City                        8.15%

        City of Morland                 8.15%


Sherman County   Tax rate for the City of Goodland      8.65%



  • barbra

    as taxpayers we didn’t really have a lot of choice on this one. go to the polls and vote yes on sales tax increase or we’ll increase your property tax. like being the Godfather and having our elected officials hold a gun to our heads and say, “we’re gonna make ya an offer ya can’t refuse.”

  • blind R

    Seems like a tax rate in excess of 8 percent seems excessive. Much less 9%+ or 10%+.

    There are other options and I believe I will start using different areas for semi-major purchases. I know the people voted the increase but that makes little difference to me.

    • jackson

      like barbra said the voters had no choice. either vote yes for sales tax increase or if you vote no we’ll raise your property tax. blackmail at its finest.

  • Convention Center Bed Tax

    Convention Center special tax district? What has happened with that. If that is adopted by the neighboring businesses ( Wal-Mart et al), we’ll be paying even MORE sales tax. If the convention center development moves ahead, it must be funded with a bed tax, not sales tax! Those who use the Convention Center should pay for it, not local residents!