Businesses Interested in Downtown Hays

Hays LogoCouture for Men is opening in a new location. Around November 1st, the store that has sat in the Centennial Mall in Hays for 6 years will be moving to Downtown Hays.  The store will relocate to 1109 and 1111 Main St.  The move will provide approximately 1500 square feet of additional space.  The additional space will allow Couture for Men to add room “For Ladies” both to their name and and to their selection.  The move is planned to take place November 1st.

In addition to Couture for Men & Women, two other retailers are taking a strong look at Downtown Hays. Aaron White, Executive Director for the Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development, told Hays Post that both interested stores specialize in clothing.  White said that one store in particular is targeted more towards the FHSU / young adult crowd, though White wasn’t able to release any further details on the identity of the stores.  The potential developers have looked strongly at multiple locations and are in the early phases of negotiations.

White had mentioned previously that Hays has a very strong retail pull, a factor that is extremely attractive to potential businesses when considering where to expand next.  He added that many businesses that overlooked Hays in the past are now coming back and having serious discussions about available locations.  Some of the locations currently available that are generating interest are located on Main St.

Kelli Hansen with Liberty Group, Inc., which owns multiple addresses in Downtown Hays, stated that in addition to Couture for Men moving into two of their buildings, several restaurants have expressed interest in the area as well.  Additional details weren’t able to released, and won’t be made public until agreements are made with the incoming businesses.  She did confirm that the interested parties may move forward with plans, but she had nothing official to report or comment on at this time.

  • sox

    how many times have we heard this song and dance. just wait. business owners are comin! downtown is vibrant! downtown is dead.

  • ZMan

    Couture is a success story. I’m happy for Leland.

    • barbra

      Yes Couture will work downtown. He has an established clientele that will travel to his store no matter where he’s at. It’s a great business. My argument is for those business minded people that believe setting up a store (like an Arcade/candy store)or a general walk-in retail shop will have a tough time of it downtown. These stores, unlike the box stores, are not open after 5PM when a lot of people get off of work. And whether you believe it or not there is not a lot of parking downtown. That’s what makes it tough to survive as a typical business downtown. It’s dying and throwing more tax money to make it happen is fruitless.

  • Fire Fox

    I don’t know what people want down town but when they can’t make it they have no one to blame. I have to give the man an AA for trying. Good luck.

  • just some guy

    Downtown will never make it, it started to fall apart right after Gibsons, Wiesners, Dillons was down there and left, just about the time that Hays said OK to WAL-MART

  • Whatever

    We have a strong retail pull? Why then do we not have things that we would spend our money here for…ie. Hobby Lobby, Target, etc.?? Hays is such a joke at times.

  • blind R

    Fist of all, horrible first line as I thought clothing store was closing totally. To those that whine about no Hobby Lobby’s, etc. do not understand corporate loaction selection. There is no way Hays would quality or make the cut for a Target (or whomever). It’s not a reflection on Hays but it’s size. To those that whine about Hays should be thankful that it has a lot of services and retail that other towns of 20,000 population would love to have. Travel to some and see what towns that size typically are. The ignorance abounds…..

  • John

    Liberty group receives funds thru Downtown Hays Corp. who is funded totally with Hays taxpayer $’s. We paid for all those new facades on those white elephants that we gave to Liberty Group for nothing!! Besides receiving zero property taxes for these downtown businesses…we are now paying to refurbish the inside of these buildings! Rent is $8.16 per sq. ft. a year. And lots of free advertising thanks to Hays citizens who do have to pay their property taxes.
    I’d say that’s an expensive shopping trip for most of us in beautiful downtown Chestnut St..

  • tim

    How is it a gain for Hays citizens if a business moves from Centennial Mall to Chestnut St.? Didn’t citizens pay to restore those old dinosaurs in Chest-not St.?