Wildlife Checkpoints Planned

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (KDWPT), KHP and local law enforcement will conduct a joint checkpoint in central Kansas in early wildlife parks and tourismOctober. The fall turkey season starts October 1, and the regular big duck season starts October 5. The checkpoint is intended to help enforce state and federal wildlife laws, as well as the state’s driver’s licensing laws.

Local law enforcement officers will operate the first stage of the checkpoint to be sure drivers are properly licensed to be driving. If a driver does not have a valid license, appropriate enforcement actions will be taken. Travelers should not expect major delays from this portion of the checkpoint.

Occupants of vehicles in the first check lane will be asked if they are hunters or are transporting wildlife.  If yes in either case, drivers will be directed to a nearby KDWPT check lane where natural resource officers will check for required licenses and permits, count the game and gather biological, harvest, and hunter success information. This portion of the checkpoint should also cause minimal delay.

Additional wildlife checkpoints will occur around the state during the fall and winter hunting seasons.

  • I’m a citizen not a subject

    isn’t this what the nazi’s did? what’s next ? searching house by house to make sure no laws are being broken???

    • Craig

      Already happened in Boston after the bombings. Truthfully our rights are getting taken little by little for so long that they are like having a toothless dog. Currently the government has effectively taken away our 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and greatly restricted our 2nd amendment rights with not much of a fight.

  • Yahooserious

    Yeah this is to much.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      How long before the border patrol starts setting up checkpoints in non-border states, to check citizenship?

      • Yahooserious

        I’m sure all the people who come to KS to hunt are surely going to appreciate being stopped at checkpoints and have their integrity questioned on wether they have to many birds or not.

    • Chris

      How is this different than something like a DUI or drug checkpoint?

      • A_citizen_patriot

        Well them stoping you to verify if you have a drivers liscense is illegal.

  • Hayshasterribledrivers

    This is a great idea

  • Informed Citizen

    Seriously, Nazis? This is a way for KDWPT to check to make sure that good hunting practices are being used but its also to check the wildlife to get biological information that would not be obtainable otherwise. This is just as much about research as it is checking on the hunters to make sure they are hunting ethically. Any hunter worth his snuff and abiding by the laws would have no qualms stopping for two minutes to get their wildlife checked. Most people that are up in arms over this kind of thing have something to hide. I for one am always happy to talk with KDWPT while im hunting. The more hunters they talk to the harder it is for poachers and unethical hunters to get away with it.

    • I am a citizen not a subject

      as a law abiding hunter myself I have no personal worries but I do take issue with government checkpoints. If they want info for research, there are methods available that do not require stopping every vehicle traveling down a road. That’s not what this country is supposed to be about. But checkpoints do violate our rights,just because it makes it easier to catch the wrong-doers does not make it right. The end doesn’t justify the means in my view. We are citizens,not subjects. and yes, the nazi’s did use checkpoints like this

      • Informed Citizen

        I think comparing this to the nazis is pretty darn extreme. They were stopping people to single out and exterminate jews. The KDWPT is stopping people to check drivers licenses and wildlife that was harvested. This is an alternative to pulling up alongside every blind and boat on cheyenne bottoms, which as a hunter I would rather stop my truck then have my hunting interupted while birds or animals were coming in.

        • I am a citizen not a subject

          that slippery slope has to start somewhere doesn’t it. sure we tolerate it now and even get accustomed to being stopped and searched but at what point does it cross the line? best not even go down the path in my opinion. little by little, bit by bit, before ya know it we have become like every other dictatorship. sheep to be shorn by those in power.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      And whats to keep them from just turning around when they see the checkpoint? Criminals dont abide by checkpoints.

      • I am a citizen not a subject

        well, if you turn around to avoid the checkpoint, you must have something to hide and must therefore be guilty. afterall, an innocent person has nothing to be afraid of right??? at least that is the thinking by LEO. like when they put up signs on interstate for drug check lanes ahead then any cars that get off at yocemento automatically get searched and checked because afterall, exiting before a check lane indicates fear and possible guilt

        • blind R

          Not totally accurate as the 4th amendment dictates otherwise. Now we all know that the police can pretty much do what they want when it comes to search and seizures when it comes to probable cause so my argument does become diluted a bit.

          The fear and guilt part does come into play but cannot be the sole cause for the stop. If I were a hunter all I would do is say “No” and without probable cause they could not do a thing.