Protesters back in Hays

This is the third time they’ve protested in Hays. Sharon May McGinnes told Hays Post the Overpasses for America Impeach Obama group would be in Hays through

Overpasses for Obama in Salina in July

Overpasses for America in Salina in July

3 p.m. Saturday. “We’ll have our signs, banners, and flags on the Commerce Parkway overpass at I-70,” she said.

McGinnes, from Larned, said there are several similar protest groups across Kansas.  “We were in Hays on August 17 and September 11,” she said.  The organization has received a lot of attention for their protests in Salina.

The group’s web site explains why they are protesting the Obama Administration.

  • hmmmmm

    GOOD JOB!!!!!!! I Agree impeach NoBama

  • Tshock

    These people need a life – it’s funny how the people that want him impeached for violating the constitution – apparently never read the part about impeaching the President. What a bunch of idiots.

    • patriot

      funny how when the left protests, they are all about truth justice and the American way. when the right protests they need to get a life and are idiots. let them protest, it’s part of what makes this country great .. can’t say I agree with what obama is doing to this country so I may just join the protest. we are a constitutional republic not a socialist/marxist government. Long live the republic

      • Tshock

        They do need a life. I am not an Obama supporter but since day one of his presidency, the rights main goal was to go after and discredit everything he did. They seem not to care at all about policy or legislation or advancing this country through cooperation. Instead, they spend every waking hour trying to take the man down. Pathetic and childlike in my opinion. I never said the left is about truth or justice either – one only needs to watch MSNBC for a half hour to realize they are as far out of whack as Fox News is the other way.

        • mamamac

          Yes, let’s talk about cooperation. This president has spent the last 4+ years blaming Bush, Limbaugh, and anyone else who disagrees with him for the failures of HIS administration, and playing the race card. Sorry – everybody who disagrees with his highness is not racist!! He has refused to communicate with republicans in congress, but he has plenty of time to negotiate with the Iranians and other terrorist leaders. The republicans have tried to cooperate with this stubborn jackass and gotten absolutely nothing in return, because as he likes to remind everybody, he won the election.

      • Joe

        So which policies that the President has implemented are socialist/marxist? You may need to look up the definitions of those words. Just because Fox News says something, that doesn’t make it true.

  • Blind r

    Unfortunately, good idea, waste of time.

  • Idiots

    Republicans protesting a Democrat in KS is as effective as walking up hill in roller skates. We live in a red state so a majority of the people here already don’t like him. They are n’t doing anything new. Maybe we should protest the govt as a whole since they act like a bunch if 3rd graders who don’t do squat if they don’t get their way. Govt shut down coming and our troops won’t get paid but the good people in Washington sure will. What a joke. Democrats AND Republicans need to get their crap together.

    • TD

      You ever think the reason they’re protesting on an interstate overpass is so others from outside our state see them? Maybe you should get your crap together before you click the submit button.

  • They are so CUTE!!!

    I am so glad my lifestyle receives pretty much no impact from decisions, or lack there of from Washington. Their protest will not sway any minds. I am just glad to see people off the couch for once in Hays. They look so adorable when they think they matter.

  • ZMan

    I bet they could stand up to Putin.

  • Yahooserious

    I’ll vote to impeach Obama when they charge Bush ans Cheney with war crimes. Until then, not happening.