Store Closing Its Doors After 5 Months

Candy ShopThe Sweet Tooth Candy Store located at 1012 Main Street in Hays is going out of business.  The store, which opened this year, is selling all merchandise at a discounted rate.

Jim Kimbrel, store employee and son of the owner, told Hays Post that he’s been working at the store since March.  He said the official opening of the store was April 20th.  He couldn’t comment on the reason behind the closure, but he did say business has been slower recently.

“During the summer it was pretty happening, and it kind of started slowing down once school started up.”

Kimbrel and the other store employee were given the news of the closure earlier in the month.

According to the store’s Facebook page, the store will close its doors October 5th at 9pm.

The store owner declined to comment on the closure.

  • get real

    wow. a business closing downtown because sales are slow. go figure. downtown is a dinosaur but let’s keep pumping tax money into it to keep promoting it. you bet. a candy store/arcade in downtown hays. people will come from miles around for this one. yeah, right. isn’t the owner of the antiques shop (old Brunswick hotel) at 7th and Main calling it quits also and moving elsewhere?? downtown hays is dead.

  • Visitor

    That’s too bad. Liked taking the kids there on weekends from time to time. But a specialty store is a hard thing…

    • ZMan

      I totally agree. Specialty stores in a small town like Hays are probably doomed to fail unless the owner does it as a hobby. I hate to see any store close as I truly believe in entrepreneurs.
      Now, there are a few construction and landscape people in Hays I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they went out of business, but that is for another post.

  • Northside shopper

    Location, location, location is everything ! I feel bad for those folks. Perhaps the mall might have been a better choice…my grandson always tells me to take for a snowball in the mall parking lot. It sounds like Couture might be making a last ditch attempt to survive, but the rent is cheap, property tax zero, and who do you think paid for the facelift outside & inside?

  • other shoe

    Well here is part of the problem, the store has been open for 5 months and I never knew it existed until now. Little to no advertising rings up little to no sales/

    • Wally

      Other; This store got major coverage by all the news media as do all the other businesses in the Chestnut St. area! The problem is taxpayers have wised up about DHDC funding. It’s costing us big time to try & fill all those white elephants downtown. Shopping just makes it even more of an expense.

  • Fire Fox

    Well another empty building in down town. I didn’t even know that it was there. O well we have empty buildings on Vine st to How about that meat market that closed. Can’t believe that. We need one in town. I will not shop at the other one.

  • redneck idiot

    I hate seeing how north vine has killed main and highway 40, back before walmart, back when hays city limit was a mile south of the interstate, downtown hays was a great place. Jack and jill had the best toy department. wiesners was a great department store, we had sears and ben franklin downtown, two grocery stores and many other places, but since we allowed big box stores move in everything is dieing off. ten years from now I can see the population of small towns all over america will be working at a walmart and spending their money at walmart just like the old coal companies and the script they paid.

    • Walmart is only part of it

      Very true. People don’t realize that every time they shop at a the big stores their money leaves the community. You can tell from the success rates that people are obviously not in favor of small businesses. Instead of revitalizing downtown, the city should be encouraging local businesses to move to the interstate. Outside revenue is the only way to make it these days. As someone else said…location is everything.

  • Blind r

    Sounds like someone with little cash opening up a business when they should not have. Too many people attempt at a business thinking the cash registers will fill up enough to pay the bills. Gee, imagine a slowdown after school starts? Poor planning, no cash reserves = doomed business.

  • duh

    Of course sales were slow once school started. They should have stayed open later and on Sundays. If you want kids to go there you have to be open when they aren’t in school.
    Not to mention the people working there were a tad creepy. Service was pretty bad too.
    Rent in the mall is high but it would have been a better option for them.