Update – Grass Fire I-70

4:00pm – Larry Eberle with the Trego County Rural Fire said that the fire was the result of a 2 vehicle accident.  He said a semi truck was heading westbound on I 70.   As the truck went around a curve in the interstate, strong winds pushed the truck into an abandoned car resting on the shoulder of the road.  The semi left the roadway and the fire spread from there.

The resulting blaze quickly spread a mile north across a wheat stubble field, thanks in part to the strong winds.  The fire began spreading into the milo field to the west, but crews quickly contained it in all directions.  Three units form Ellis County Rural Fire and one from Trego County responded.  The semi truck driver was not injured.

– Ellis County Rural Fire crews are leaving the scene.  Trego County firefighters are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure there are no flare ups.


2:25 – The fire in the semi truck seems to be extinguished, and crews are continuing to focus on the grass fire and the car.  Reports are that the semi was off the road and had broken through a fence.


2:10 –  Crews are working to contain the fire.  Crews have been able to head the fire off to the north, and are fighting to prevent the westward spread of the fire through a milo field.

I-70 at mile post 142. Site of the Thursday afternoon gras fire.

I-70 at mile post 142. Site of the Thursday afternoon grass fire.

Rural fire crews are responding to a grass fire off I-70 near mile marker 142.   Crews arrived on the scene and immediately called for additional assistance.  A car, semi truck, and a great deal of grass is on fire.  Initial reports are that the fire is burning through wheat stubble and is spreading rapidly.

At this time, a tanker and three trucks from Ellis county are responding to assist Trego county.

Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and Hays Post for updates as they become available.


  • gskeers

    uuuh why is there a picture of a Moscow fire truck fighting a wheat fire on Hays Post when the fire was on I-70

    • Rob

      it wasn’t in hays, it was in trego county north of I-70, why not put it on hays post. they talk about other things then just what happens in Hays

      • Darwin

        I don’t think they are upset it is on Hayspost I think they are asking why they put a picture up that was not relevant to this fire. Just my .02

        • rob

          but it was relevant to this fire

  • disqus_ODa0i2F348

    Actually Trego county had 4 to 5 units out there and the neighbor with his tractor and disk was a huge help!