Drug Task Force Arrest

Following complaints by neighbors about open air drug sales, The I-135/I-70 Drug Task Force has arrested three people on drug charges.

Garry Jelkin

Garry Jelkin

Lt. Jim Norton, Drug Task Force Commander said a search warrant was executed at 823 Gypsum Monday. 52-year-old Garry Jelkin and 62-year-old Marilyn Jelken were arrested following the search.

The pair were arrested on requested charges of possession of methamphetamine, controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia. Norton said several different types of prescription pain medications were found. It is believed some of the medications were obtained legally, then sold or traded illegally.

The investigation led to the arrest of a third person, 53-year-old Dewaye Wolfe at 1026 N. 12th on Tuesday.

Wolfe had been turning morphine into heroin.

Also seized was marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Wolfe was arrested for the marijuana and paraphernalia possession, and could face additional charges

  • Rocket Science

    What town did this happen in?

    • just_the_truth

      i’m thinking salina

    • JBrown

      For sure Salina. That place is a breeding ground for crackheads

  • JBrown

    There is a way to turn morphine into heroin and one of these crackheads knows how to do it? yea, right

    • Ezekiel

      there is a way to turn codeine into a cheap type of heroin. I think it’s called crock or crocodile. It’s mixed with gasoline, lighter fluid, and some other choice chemicals. Hopefully they weren’t making this.

      • JBrown

        um, that is not really heroin at all.

        • Chris

          Um, he seems to know what he is talking about. It is a heroin substitute. This is the headline for a google search about it…”Horrific images of drug-users eaten alive by
          flesh-eating illness caused by homemade heroin substitute that has
          arrived on American shores in Arizona”

          • JBrown

            ya, I know what scare mongering media story he was referring to, but just because some journalist calls it “heroin” doesn’t mean it is.