Free Workshop to Teach Children Life Saving Tips

child-fire-safetyThe Home Depot in Hays is hosting a free workshop aimed at teaching children and saving lives. October is Fire Prevention Month, and to help promote fire safety, Home Depot’s safety committee (called the in focus committee) is teaming up with multiple public service departments to education children.  The workshop, which is open to all age groups, is Saturday October 5th at 9am.

The Hays Fire Department, Police Department, EMTs, and the Highway Patrol will be on site giving demonstrations and letting kids experience fire safety in a supervised, hands-on environment. Susie Young, Co-captain of the committee, told Hays Post that the event is bigger than their regular workshops.

TODD HILEMAN with convincerSome of the things kids can look forward to this year include:

  • The Hays Fire Department’s Fire Safety House
  • The Highway Patrol on site
  • Helicopters (no rides)
  • EMTs giving demonstrations
  • Hays Police Department with ident-a-kid kits
  • Prizes

Young said that a similar event was held last year but didn’t get a good response.  Young said that this year she and Co-captain Lisa Fose plan to have a bigger turnout.

“The in focus committee, that’s our safety committee.  It changed hands right in the middle of everything and things didn’t get done until the last minute.  Lisa and myself, we just got put back on the in focus committee, and we decided to start out early. We started calling everybody and got a pretty good response from the public and from all the departments.  We’re hoping to have a pretty good crowd out here.”

Young said that the workshop will be set up towards the south side of the store.  The committee will have the area taped off to keep traffic out of the area.

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      “The workshop, which is open to all age groups, is Saturday October 5th at 9am.”