John Paul Barnes

Apolonio Garcia-Vega, Address: Hays, Age: 37, Charges: 8-1567(a)(b1)(B) Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; 2nd conviction
Brian Michael Shoemaker, Address: Hays, Age: 18, Charges: 21-5706(b)(3) Possession of hallucinogenic drug, Possession of paraphernalia.
Javier Salcido, Address: Hays, Age: 24, Charges: 21-5904a(a)(3) Interference w/ LEO; Felony obstruction/resist/oppose
John Paul Barnes, Address: Hays, Age: 20, Charges: 8-1567(a)(b1)(C) Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; 3rd conviction
Landon Scott Strano, Address: Hays, Age: 23, Charges: 21-5414(a)(2)(B1) Domestic battery; Knowing rude physical contact w/ family member
Lloyd Wendell Littrel, Address: Hays, Age: 30, Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear
Manuel Torrez, Address: Hays, Age: 29, Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear; 21-5915(a) Failure to appear; : 21-5412(c) Assault of a law enforcement officer; 21-6203(a)(3) Disorderly conduct; Fighting words or noisy conduct to cause resentment, Flee and Elude, Driving Under the Influence, Obstruction
Marie Pfannenstiel, Address: Hays, Age: 61, Charges: 8-1567(a)(b1)(A) Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; 1st conviction
Nathan Andrew Worley, Address: Minneapolis, KS, Age: 26, Charges: 21-5706(a) Possession of opiate, opium, narcotic or certain stimulant, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Obstruction of Official Duty, Driving While Intoxicated
Nathanael Bryant Fellows, Address: Hays, Age: 23, Charges: 21-6206(a)(1)(A) Harass by telecom device; Transmit obscene comment/image/text