Big Changes to Hays Street

Road-Construction-001A busy street in Hays is going to look a lot different in the next few weeks.  City Manager Toby Dougherty told Hays Post that beginning at Milner and heading East, 13th St will be changed from 4 lanes to 3 lanes.  The street will have one lane for driving in each direction and a turning lane in the middle.  The road will also be striped to include an on-street bike path in each direction.  Dougherty estimates that 13th Street will be completed (including resurfacing) by mid October at the latest, weather permitting.

The striping for the 13th Street bike paths is part of a plan to include on-street bike paths throughout the city.  However, Dougherty said that while striping will be done on 13th St, the stencils and signage

designating the lane as a bike path won’t be in place until some time next year.

“I’d like to think that we could go out and just put stencils down.  The problem is that we’ve received a grant for a system-wide set of bike paths, and all of those on-street bike lanes have to be designed, engineered and approved as part of the grant award.  If we get ahead of that and just go put stencils down, KDOT could come back and say ‘we’re not going to reimburse you for that section of it because you’ve already done it’ so we don’t want to lose the funding for that.  That’s the reason.  It’ll be next summer some time when the rest of the bike plan is rolled out.”

One concern many people share is that restricting traffic to two driving lanes down from four will be a detriment to the public. Dougherty said that currently, the inside driving lane is also used for turning, which can cause slower traffic flow, jockeying for position, and accidents. He said that the restriping will help the traveling public, not hinder them.

“The reality is when you reconfigure to a three lane with a dedicated turn lane the traffic actually flows better through there.  Actually, the average vehicle, from the time they get on 13th to the time they get off 13th will experience less impediment than they would in the 4 lane configuration.  And the chance for accidents is significantly decreased.”

Dougherty added that 13th Street is already a 3 lane roadway just east of Main Street, and this restriping project will maintain consistent traffic flow by eliminating the change from 3 to 4 lane traffic further east.

  • Jeff

    What a joke! What part of the fact that the city of Hays can’t ever support a bike shop do you people not understand? If an individual feels the need to ride on the streets, the current laws already allow them to do so without the need of a dedicated bike line. Use some common sense!

    • Jeff

      Sorry, bike lane.

    • just some guy

      the reason hays cannot support a bike shop is 1. the last bike shop (The Hub) was never open, and people in hays dont want to spend $800.00 for a bike. Also when it changed owners the new owner was terrible with bikes, his staff had no idea what they were doing, had to look things up on the internet for simple repairs, not to mention the inventory sucked. and 2. most of the the people of hays are too fat and lazy to ride a bike, why ride a bike when you can get into your car and drive those 2 blocks to get donuts. 3. Hays is an oil town, and i know you will be asking what does that have to do with anything, before you post ask yourself that same question, if you come up with the answer then you probably dont receive a monthly oil check in the mail, if you dont get the answer , then you probably do

  • WeeTodd

    Why not also put in a dedicated walking path so people don’t have to use the sidewalks. What a dang joke!

    • Try it, you’ll like it

      So, yeah, that just proves you have never rode a bike in town…

  • Geerman

    Assistant City Manager when briefing County Commission on bike paths this spring did in fact indicate that the bike lanes will slow traffic on 13th street and appeared to see this as a benefit.

  • other shoe

    Changing from 4 lanes back to 3 lanes for bikes should not cause a major problem. After all it is not like 13th and Vine is one of the two major use intersections in town.
    OH WAIT, YES IT IS!!!! So is Dufus a synonym for councilperson?

  • Hays Resident

    Not a good idea City of Hays!! 13th St. is very busy and needs all four lanes from Main St. to Hays High… many people will it take to get ran over in the bike lanes for them to realize it’s NOT a good idea??? DUMB DUMB DUMB!!

  • How stupid.

    This is beyond stupid. It’s a pain to get down 13th street now with 2 lanes on each side so let’s take out a lane and add in bikes. What a joke.

  • bosco

    When brains were passed out our city staff and commission must have been absent. Bad idea on these bike lanes on this major traffic way.

  • country

    If the bikers are getting this in Hays. Then they need to stay off or the “Narrow Road Way in the County. Like Old 40 East of Vine, Toulon Rd. They can ride on the By Pass cause there are shoulders for them to no be in the road way. They are out riding 2-3 wide while others are trying to do their jobs. They create a hazard by being out on the Rural Roads it is a wonder that there have not been any deaths because of the bikers

    • greatness

      AGREED!!!! It scares me to death!

  • Fire Fox

    I will still ride by bike but it will not be on the bike trail or 13th street. Cutting traffic back for a bike trail is a Dumb Dumb ideal. Get ready to see some accidents.

  • Chris

    I laugh out loud when I read these comments about 13th street being difficult to get down, or that traffic is going to be impeded, or some other half-brained complaint. The only times I have seen traffic in Hays being anywhere close to ‘difficult’ was during Vine Street reconstruction when people would hold up traffic when they made left turns. I don’t know if most of you folks grew up in those small towns with 1 traffic light, or maybe you just like to complain, but Hays traffic is no where near difficult.

    • Jay

      Sorry all wise Chris. Have you ever heard the phrase “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”? Our half-brained complaints are called common sense. There may not be a problem now, but you would like to create one by putting in bike lanes, and your justification is that Hays traffic is no where near difficult. Your comment also contradicts the so called need for bike lanes, if Hays traffic is so easy to navigate there really is no need for your bike lanes. You may need to rethink of who is half-brained!

      • Chris

        I have often heard that phrase uttered by stubborn individuals who think their way is best and there is no need for any kind of progress that isn’t obviously beneficial to them. Hays traffic is easy to navigate…in a motor vehicle. Much more difficult to navigate a bike with idiot drivers whizzing past, without slowing and giving minimal space.

        • Hays

          Based on your stubbornness, your probably one of the individuals who feels the need to ride in the middle of lane instead of staying close to the curb, or better yet on one of the sidewalks, which are already paid for.

          • Ezekiel

            And where was he displaying any stubbornness? Might I suggest a dictionary? You seem to need a vocabulary lesson

          • Jeff

            How about a math lesson: a MILLION dollars! ZERO bike shops!

          • other one

            bike shop priced themselves out of business, when I took my daughters little bicycle in to get a chain put on and they charged me $200.00 for the work. when asked why so much they said they did this and that to it when I did not place an order for all the extras they did. All I told them to do when I brought it in was to JUST put a chain on it, they took it upon themselves to do all the extras and stick it to the customer, bad business practices. when Evans bike shop was in business many years ago on 12th and vine he did what the customer wanted then made suggestions to what else needed done when the customer came back, not just go ahead and do it and he stayed in business for decades

          • just some guy

            evans bike shop was the best

          • WeeTodd

            He is probably one of those individuals who think they own the road and they expect the car to yield to them.

          • jbl

            I’m not sure I understand the picture (and 5 likes), are you
            somehow trying to justify injuring or killing someone on a bike because they
            are on the road? I occasionally have
            drivers buzz me in their vehicles, when they have no traffic coming in the
            oncoming lane and a mile of visibility. How much of an inconvenience is it to
            move over 3 feet (Kansas Law) and lose a few seconds out of your day? I will never understand the mindset of someone
            that is willing to risk someone’s life just to try to intimidate them and prove
            a point. I try to avoid traffic as much
            as I can, but please if you come across me or another cyclist on the road, give
            them space and be safe.

          • redneck idiot

            everytime I see one of you bicyclist I always get right up by y’all and honk

          • just some guy

            and i reach out and scratch the s&%$ out of your truck

        • Jay

          When close to $1,000,000 will be spent at the detriment of traffic flow and safety, just to benefit a few. That’s progress our city can do without!

    • Fire Fox

      You don’t even know what you are talking about. Drive it at school and work time, 1200 noon, 3pm and 5pm. Maybe you are just a slow driver.

  • Bill

    Is there anyone with knowledge on what it would take to stop this nonsense from continuing? Hays has done without bike lanes from its inception in 1885. There is no need now and there never will be. It’s just an added expense passed onto the taxpayer from here on out. It may be time to take this door to door. These commissioners are molding this town into a Lawrence, KS or Boulder, CO. What’s next, legalize marijuana?

    • Ezekiel

      I wonder if the past Haysites whined as much when paved roads were put in? Or indoor plumbing? Public schools?

      • Bill

        Considering all your examples are utilized by nearly every taxpayer, I would say not. Bike trails are a want by a limited few and expected to be paid for by all. Before you say, well everyone has the opportunity to use them, they already have the option to ride bikes and choose not to. Bike trails won’t change that.

  • Converned

    I am all for things that are needed but I am not sure Hays has the bike traffic to justify this. Also using the construction to test for traffic issues is not a good idea. I just avoided 13th street because there was construction. A turning lane is a good idea except most people do not use them properly.

  • kj

    Maybe they should tag and pay to ride that bike.

    • WeeTodd

      Don’t give them anymore hairbrained ideas.

      • Jeff

        They got that covered too! Scroll down to Hays, Ks

        • unclear

          What?! This is a joke, right? Is this something new? How have we never heard about this before?

          • TD

            If you ask me even the police probably think that’s a joke. I’ve NEVER seen them enforce that. Heck I’ve never even heard of it until now.

          • just some guy

            i asked a HPD officer and he knew nothing of this

        • country

          But yet Topeka and Wichita took there laws off of the Books. Makes A lot of Sense To Me. Just my 2 cents. Lets Go Backwards

  • tax payer

    Why put a turning lane in on THAT section of road when on most of it you can’t even turn south. Hays City Commision Office is a joke. Way to go spending government money UNWISELY. Grant or not. Use that money to repair Allen St. That road atleast has the traffic to have attention be paid to it.

  • redneck idiot

    If they do this to 13th they should also do it to north vine up near the all mighty walmart, I believe there should be bike lanes out that way also with just one lane of traffic each way, after all why just make one part of town a pain in the rear lets do it for the whole johnson county wanna be town of hace amerika

    • Jeff

      Have no fear redneck, it’s already in the works! Take a look at their map, 13th st is just the beginning.

      • unclear

        When I looked at that map, I was very concerned about that area on vine! It’s a pretty scary drive in an automobile. It worries me to add bicyclists to the mix.
        When it comes down to it, traffic is not horrible here, but drivers ARE (and it’s not just here, obviously). People do not pay attention or follow the traffic laws. I have almost been hit a bunch of times. I would probably be fine, with some damage to my car. A person on a bicycle would not fair so well I’m afraid.

  • redneck idiot

    oh and fair warning I will now drive 12 mph up and down 13th street since it will now be turned into one lane each direction just to enjoy all the car honking and one finger salutes.

  • redneck idiot

    how about the emergency traffic that uses this road? where are they going to go? how are they going to get around the line of cars that have to wait for the light to change to get out of their way?

  • Take your insulin and chill

    Almost every major city has bike lanes without any problems. I am sure Hays will survive some people getting a little exercise. Besides, even rush hour traffic equals a 10 minute commute. I think people are just looking for reasons to be miserable.

    • Citizen

      Almost every little town doesn’t have bike lanes without any problems. I am sure Hays would survive with people riding bikes like they have been for the last 100 years. I think people are trying to turn Hays into the Major city it is not.

    • Ezekiel

      Absolutely. It’s the republican-red-neck mentality. Gotta whine about something. Bleeding heart liberals and butthurt repubs.

  • Jr.

    Citizens of Hays should have the oppotunity to vote on this.

    • just some guy

      i agree but the people that do vote are the ones that put these idiots in office

  • Concerned Haysite

    OK, we all know 13th St. is a major avenue for access to the Hospital, I-70, and the largest school in town. NOW, we are going to try to put limitations on this avenue, and before 8 am, noon, or 5pm when the traffic is at it’s max and emergency personnel NEED this avenue we are going to have, NOT ONLY CRAZY TRAFFIC, but now a bike lane, a turning lane, and NOW only 1 lane to access the hospital when in dire need?? It’s NOT adding up, and when it starts costing lives, and not only those already in the ambulance trying to access the hospital, but the innocent bikers and motorists, who’s to pay??

  • Liberal Minds

    This isn’t Colorado, so let’s keep these liberal ideas out of Hays….Hays is known as the stubborn “let’s not take a chance for change” attitude, but now we are adding bike lanes throughout town?? wow, definately different attitude, but if we are going to make such dramatic changes, save the $$$ on this and let’s start adding stores, restaurants, shopping, etc….NOT bike lanes!! Bikes are already permitted and own the lane, as a vehicle does, if travelling already in a vehicular lane….Stick to your guns!!

  • Barney Fife

    I assume the city is planning to issue citations to all of the bikes and bikers from now on who do not have a city bike license tag. The bike paths will help with this as it will condense bike traffic for we can all start calling in to PD violators of the bike license law……to help the city.
    Come on Andy, lets get those bike violators and throw them in the cell with Otis.
    “No person shall ride or propel a bicycle upon any street or other public highway in the city or upon any part thereof without first having secured and attached to such bicycle a proper license tag as provided for in this article. Such license shall be valid as long as such bicycle is functional and operational. Application for a license to operate a bicycle shall be made to the police department upon a form to be approved by the city manager. The application shall be accompanied by a fee of $5.00 to be paid to the city police department upon the granting of a license. Upon receipt of such application form, the police department shall provide printed instruction and a proper tag which shall be immediately attached to the frame of the bicycle in a substantial manner. The removal of any such tag except by proper authority shall be a violation of this article.”Hays City Code 62-189

  • wow

    Chalk this up as the best idea since they decided to put up the sports complex.

  • HDT

    Civil Disobedience – Thoreau – “I HEARTILY ACCEPT the motto, — ‘That government is best which governs least'”

  • Joe

    Have any of you EVER tried to ride a bike in Hays? I bought a bike to try and get extra exercise by riding the 12 blocks to work. I rode it to work one day and then left it there. It took me thirty minutes because it is nearly impossible to cross an intersection anywhere on 27th street, and drivers give no right of way. It’s bad enough that most people don’t pay attention to other cars on the road, but worse when you can kill someone easily on a bicycle. This backwoods mentality of “it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, is exactly what is wrong today. Why try to actually improve something? Horses get you from one place to another, why buy a car? Think before bitching. I’m sick of the mentally around here whining about every little thing that money is spent on. Grow up.

    • Karl Marx

      Obviously you aren’t puttin’ as much money into the kitty as some of the rest of us. From each according to what they have to each according to their NEED, comrade. I suggest we ride our horses on the bike paths to slow down the bikes. Gettin’ my specs on to begin calling HPD about all of the bikes without tags!

      • Joe

        So you think if you pay more taxes, then you are entitled to more of an opinion? Pretty sure that’s not how it is supposed to work bud. How empty and petty does your life have to be to sit by the window and call in bikes without tags? If you are going to call anything in, then why not report the illegal turns, parking in handicapped spaces, or any of the number of things the terrible drivers of Hays do that actually jeopardize other people. I’m guessing your are one of those horrible drivers and are upset that you have one less lane to merge into without a blinker or even looking. Either that, or you’re upset that our town is progressing and becoming more modern, and that doesn’t fit your narrow, right-wing view of the world.

        • Lighten up

          Can’t cure what you have, according to the saying. You have a right to your wrong opinion. Guess you are comfortable living off the welfare state.
          Lighten up…. most of this is sarcasm. No one is taking you as seriously as you are.

          • Joe

            The problem is everyone is taking this issue too seriously. It isn’t a big deal, it truly isn’t. Yet people are here acting like they’re being forced to make some huge sacrifice and the government is running their lives. That simply isn’t the case. The welfare state comment is funny. Especially since it has nothing to do with anything I said or what we are talking about. I work 45 hours a week, make a fairly comfortable living, and definitely pay my fair share of taxes; income, property, or otherwise. It does always seem though, that the people complaining about the welfare state are normally ones benefiting from some type of government assistance themselves.

          • Chris

            Love your view on this, Joe. Haven’t had time to make many posts about this, but you are echoing my exact thoughts. I love to bike but hardly ever do, mostly due to the fact that drivers around here are atrocious. Displaying their righteous red-neck attitude in their way too big pickups. Pickups that they’ve spent ridiculous amounts on to be able to rev the engine up really loud. This is why you can’t argue with many of these people. They get their jollies from really loud pickups.

      • just some guy

        yea and when a bike makes your horse rear up and you fall off and break your neck, do you think your statement is worth it?, and when the cops laugh at you for wasting their time with your calls from your chair, what then sir?

  • a driver

    I have seen so many cyclists disobey stop signs ,it really is surprising there are not more bike/vehicle accidents…… one day I was on 22nd by the hospital on my way to Canterbury, 5 cyclists turned off 22nd into the hays med driveway,shortcut their way thru to a canterbury exit and flew out onto and across canterbury without as much as even slowing down for the stop signs. Several cars on canterbury had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the bikes. Not good judgement on the part of the folks on bikes. Just because they dress in racing attire doesn’t make this the tour d’hace. I see so many bikes that ignore stop signs , it will be sad but I am afraid inevitable and someone will be seriously hurt or even killed . Also see many times on old 40 west of Yocemento in the curves that cyclists will ride 2-3 wide and take up the whole lane,that also is just a matter of time before a cyclist loses a battle with a multi-ton vehicle that can’t stop quick enough or swerve to miss the bikes. If I have to choose between hitting a vehicle head on or hitting a bike,sorry but I am not taking a head on crash. I guess if bike path are coming so be it, but the riders had better wise up and follow the rules of the road or be ticketed if they won’t .

  • concerned citizen

    This has to be the dumbest thing Hays has ever done. The entire city commission and manager should be forced to resign for such a stupid idea. Lets put a bike path on a major street and hinder traffic. This should be put to a vote. The city manager can take his tree hugging ideas back to Lawrence. Do not let him ruin Hays

  • just some guy

    my wife and i ride all the time and we also agree that a bike lane is STUPID on 13th street.

  • Luke

    I hope all of you people who have posted your opinions on here will be at the next city commission meeting. Posting on here isn’t going to get anything done, but vocalizing them in person to the people that are running the city will have a much bigger effect.

  • redneck idiot

    Got a better idea, let us change every street in hays to one way streets only, so we can have a bike lane on every street, while we are at it let us change every church in town to a mosgue

  • country

    If the Streets in Hays would have been laid out better. Not looped around and Dead Ended everywhere. The bikers could be on side streets and get to there destination with out interrupting the other commuters in town. For example if Indian Trial was a straighter road. Bikers could use the 4 way Stop on 27th to get across. But no there is no side street in this town that this would work on. I think the Founding Fathers of this town were partaking in more than just beer back in the day. I don’t know maybe they were just Drunk and the way they mapped out the streets looked straight.

  • just some guy

    if people in this town drove like they are supposed to there would not be a problem. Paul Harvey said it best. Hays Ks is the hardest place to drive at, in all the places that i have driven. not a direct quote but it was on his radio show about 25 years ago. and you know what it has not gotten any better

    • redneck idiot

      I have no problem driving in this town unless there are idiot joggers or bicyclists hogging the road.

      • just some guy

        and just because you drive a truck you feel that you have the right to the road, well my friend bicycles were here first, way before cars and trucks

  • Travis

    No one ever answered the question what is this going to do to parking on the side streets they plan on putting these bike trails? We have 4 drivers and park 2 cars in front of our home, I see on the map posted our street will be in second phase of this stupid project. Will everyone be forced to have circle drives? Does anyone have an answer?

    • country

      You will have to park in your yard and receive a ticket for doing so. Second option is to park it the middle of the street and receive a ticket. A win win for the City of Hays and earning revenue for the City of Hays.

  • your momma

    the reason they dumb a%$es did it is to get the grant money .and to get 70 % of it paid they had to agree to put it in and keep for 2 years its all about money this town blows