Broken Politics in Washington

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Friday’s vote by the House to take us closer to a government shutdown, and potentially defaulting on our obligations is dangerous for the US and world’s economy Kansas Demsand could be devastating for the economic security of every American.

The danger of the GOP’s opening gambit in the shutdown-default debate isn’t going unnoticed.

Here’s what Kansas Democratic Party Second Congressional District Candidate Margie Wakefield said about today’s vote:

“The broken politics from those in Washington like Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins are now hurtling us towards a total government shutdown which would hurt Kansas families at every level and deliver a self-inflicted wound that our economy cannot afford,” said Margie Wakefield. “Lynn claims that she voted today to continue funding the government, but we all know that’s not true. This was a vote to shut down the government, pure and simple It is past time for Congresswoman Jenkins to stop the political gamesmanship, stop standing in the way of solutions, and get to work passing a budget that will help businesses create jobs and protect Kansas families. In Congress, my commitment to the people of Kansas is to work with both Republicans and Democrats to focus on solutions instead of this reckless partisanship.”
Here are a few more early reports on the GOP’s vote:

“It’s such an exercise in futility; it’s such a waste of time.” NBC’s Andrea Mitchell

“But even before such next steps were worked out, House Republican leaders were driving their party toward the next showdown over the debt ceiling. That could prove an even more white-knuckled ride, since a default on Treasury debt would have far greater economic implications than a partial government shutdown.” NY Times

“Even with the grab bag of GOP chestnuts, some ardent conservatives are likely to balk at voting for any debt limit measure.” Associated Press

“John Boehner is being even more irresponsible than Ted Cruz,” according to the Washington Post’s Ezra Kelin


  • Mark

    It seems like Jenkins will say whatever she thinks will help her keep her job next year. The welfare of Kansans is pretty low in her priorities.