Police Department Gets New Vehicles

Rounkles and Wright New PD VehicleThe Hays Police Department has two new vehicles.  Both vehicles, Ford Explorers with a Police Interceptor package, are the Department’s first marked police vehicles with all-wheel-drive.  Lt. Brandon Wright told Hays Post that the acquisition of the pair was part of regular vehicle rotation and management,  not a result of third party funding or modifications to the yearly budget.

Wright said that one concern officers have had in the past is responding to situations during heavy snow or other inclement weather that would require all-wheel-drive.

“In the past, when inundated with snow, we have had to utilize unmarked 4 wheel drive pickups.  We also used to install tire chains when we had rear wheel drive patrol cars.  Neither of those solutions were ideal.  The Explorers will definitely improve our ability to patrol and respond to calls for service when we get hit with a good snow storm in the winter.”

The new vehicles, which have been assigned to both Lieutenants, will be available to officers needing them for patrol or emergency response when road conditions would prohibit use of the sedans.

Wright added that the all-wheel-drive vehicles also have more room in the back and could serve as a better command post at the scene of an investigation if needed, housing any equipment officers may need immediate access to on-site.