UPDATE – KU Professor Placed on Indefinite Leave Over Tweet

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David Guth, KU Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications. Photo courtesy of the University of Kansas website

12:30pm – The University of Kansas has placed David. W. Guth, a journalism professor, on leave because of a tweet he wrote this week after the Navy Yard shooting.

David W. Guth tweeted “blood is on the hands of the #NRA.  Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters” after Monday’s shooting in Washington, D.C., in which 13 people died, including the gunman.

The university said today that Guth, an associate professor of journalism, was placed on indefinite administrative leave pending a review.

Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little says the action was taken to prevent disruptions in the learning environment for students, the journalism school and the university.


Original story: Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce (R-Hutchinson) released the following statement calling for the resignation of University of Kansas Professor David Guth over

Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce

Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce

comments on Twitter over the Navy yard shooting in Washington.

“After reviewing the comments made via Twitter by Professor David Guth regarding the recent shooting at the Washington Naval Yard, I am appalled by the lack of compassion for human suffering. I feel I have no choice but to call upon the University of Kansas and Chancellor Grey-Little to remove Professor Guth from the University’s faculty immediately. Wishing death and damnation upon parents and their children is reprehensible and is not befitting of an employee of such a distinguished university.

While the removal of a university faculty member is indeed rare, the University of Kansas has taken such action in the past when the integrity of the establishment is in question. In December of 2005, then-Chancellor Robert Hemingway removed then-Professor Paul Mirecki, Chair of the School of Religion, for inappropriate comments made on an online message board. In light of the recent tragedy that befell our nation, the comments of Professor Guth reflect as poorly, if not more so, upon the University of Kansas as the comments made by Professor Mirecki.”

Professor Guth, after the events of Monday’s shooting unfolded, took to twitter to state that Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.26.27 AM

  • Name

    These idiot professors are the ones brainwashing our kids at liberal universities. I have decided not to send my kids to the Univesity of Kansas. Gun control laws empower the killers, rapists, and people who want to hurt innocent human beings.

    • FormerHaysResident

      ” I have decided not to send my kids to the Univesity of Kansas”…

      If your a decent person, you enable your kids to go to college, you don’t “send” them.

  • Jerome

    Sometimes I think Twitter, Facebook, etc. is quickly flushing this toilet down the country. At any rate, get that @$$ clown outta there before he warps other people’s minds.

  • former nra member

    Sad truth is that the only way the gun laws are ever going to be changed is if one of these lawmakers children or grandchildren is the victim of one of these too frequent mass shootings. If that ever happens you will see the wheels come off of the train in the rush to change the rules.

  • hmmmm

    Once again I would like to ask. HOW IN THE HECK is gun control going to stop this mass killings. It is not the good law obiding people that are doing these shootings. So what makes you think that the repeat criminals that are commiting these acts will follow the gun laws?
    Honestly what we need is our leader of out country to give more money to Mental Health Services in attempt to get these people who are mentally ill some help. This would not stop all of it, but it would reduce much of it.

    • hmmmm

      Sorry for the type o’s
      leader of our country

  • Clark

    It always surprises me how folks with a doctorate degree can lack so much sense. These “doctors” aren’t just at KU they seem to sit in about every other classroom clouding the thoughts of students seeking higher education.

    • ZMan

      Education is not correlated with wisdom.

  • gskeers

    he’s probably a follower of Rev. Fred Phelps

  • Berty

    How about Mental Health Treatment and Mental Health Controls. All of these shooters are committably mentally ill, but no one wants to infringe on their “rights”. How about real controls on weapons for those who are mentally Ill and on the mentally ill? Courts are supposed to report those who have been determined Mentally Ill to gun check system, but that doesn’t happen. Our state has cut funding for mental health treatment by millions of dollars over recent years ( Both Gov. Sibelius and Gov. Brownback).

  • ridiculous

    This man has every right to his opinion..not once did he mention the university or his affiliation to it..he is a journalism professor.. how ironic that the very principle he is teaching, he is now being condemned for..typical Kansas fascism.. Best of luck Professor Guth..not everyone in this state is a gun toting maniac…

    • Citizen

      You are right, he has a right to his opinion however the university also has a right to fire people who breed hate. Unfortunately he will probably just be on administrative leave until this blows over and then the liberal college will reinstate him like nothing happened.

    • non-maniac

      Are you liberally implying that every gun owner in this state is a “gun toting maniac”? I am greatly offended by this implication and firmly believe that 99.999 % of legal gun owners are highly responsible, stalwart citizens who are outraged by the gun related incidents we have had as are you libs. More control is not the answer. Better mental health is foremost. Those with malice on their minds will still find ways to wreak havoc on others regardless of weapon controls.

  • us regime

    KU professor on leave after tweet directed at NRA
    It is interesting that nobody stands up for the professor who was saying: “As long the shooting death does not involve the daughters and sons of NRA they could care less how their gun permissive laws are destroying lives of american innocent people!” The politicians are just incredibly stupid not to understand what he meant and so a translation is required!

    • Citizen

      I think you need to reread the tweet.