Bonfire Beginnings (VIDEO)

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Driver Ramie Wasinger is one of the parent volunteers stacking wood for tonight’s TMP-Marian homecoming bonfire

Volunteers are busy this morning collecting and placing 750 wood pallets that will become tonight’s Homecoming 2013 bonfire at Thomas More Prep-Marian.

Most of the volunteer stackers are parents of TMP seniors.

Steve Urban, whose son Skyler is a homecoming king candidate and STUCO secretary, is directing power-lift driver Ramie Wasinger, to the pallets stacked on a long trailer:

Wasinger then drives the bright yellow fork lift  close to a depression in the ground where TMP students, alumni and friends will gather around the bonfire to celebrate the kickoff of homecoming weekend.

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Steve Urban directs lift driver Ramie Wasinger toward a stack of wood pallets

“We have 750 pallets for the fire,” says Urban.  “That’s all the Hays Fire Department will allow us to use.”

The pallets, along with most of the pickups, trailers and power-lifts, have been donated by Hays businesses.

The blessing of fall sports and activities, pep rally and introduction of the 2013 homecoming candidates starts at 7p.m. in Al Billinger Fieldhouse followed by the bonfire.

This year’s theme is “Rise Above.”