Former Ellis County Jailer forced to change his lawsuit

A former Ellis County jailer has revised his whistleblower lawsuit after a federal judge dismissed his earlier claims.el co lec sign

The amended complaint filed Tuesday by David Vaughan addresses several mistakes in the original filing. Vaughan is no longer suing the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department directly. Instead, he is now suing Ellis County and its commissioners as well as Sheriff Ed Harbin individually.

Vaughan contends he was fired as retaliation for reporting a co-worker who repeatedly used a stun gun on a handcuffed inmate. But he is no longer seeking damages under the Kansas Whistle Blowers Act because he missed the filing deadlines.

He now argues that his whistleblowing was protected under the First Amendment.

The sheriff has contended the claims are without merit.

  • Concerned citizen

    The Hays Police Department is known for its thuggishness. A local paper with any degree of relevance should be covering city hall which includes our local police department. There are issues in the department which should be brought to light including civil forfeitures and racial profiling. We need an a gritty investigative report and not just the cheerleading and soft pieces which the Hays Daily provides. How much money did the HPD pull in last year from civil forfeitures? Is the HPD targeting a specific group? Why have the number of arrests skyrocketed in the past 10 years while the population has not grown significantly? We need answers. Folks, we are in sore need of a relevant newspaper. The truth is we do not have one.

    • jackson

      interesting comment. i feel the same way and that is why i’m not renewing my hays daily when it comes due. have you noticed there’s nothing in it anymore worthwhile to read. full of state and national/international news which i get from USA Today every morning. nothing hardly worth reading and certainly no more investigative reporting.

      • Frank

        Non-renewal is certainly your right… but you forfeit your credibility in griping about a lack of investigative reporting by not subscribing. Investigative reporting done right is time-consuming, expensive and (in a small community) risky.

        • jackson

          but if i keep my subscription and there is no investigative reporting what have i got. nothing. and if i cancel the paper what do i have. nothing. except i’ll be saving the outlandish yearly subscription to a paper that is downsizing any chance they get along with no investigative reporting. i think i’ll cancel.

    • Concerned with you

      What is your basis for these allegations? My guess is you probably have no factual occurrences to back up these claims, but rather than I assume that, I’ll give you the opportunity to enlighten the rest of us.