13th Street Improvements Needed (VIDEO)

13TH AND MILNERA lot of traffic drives across 13th Street in Hays every day, causing a lot of wear and tear.

The city is planning to make improvements to 13th between Main and Milner, says assistant city manager Paul Briseno:

Commissioners will discuss the 13th Street improvements during their Thursday work session as well as a transfer of $1.5 million from Financial Policy Projects to Capital Projects  to fund the project.


  • BD

    Might as well mess the rest of 13th street up with a bike trail.

    • Lectric Ed Ucation

      This part of 13th should be made a “Bike Street” and include small car trails on the sides.
      Better yet….let’s just close all of the streets to car traffic and make them totally bike trails. Cars will have to park on the edge of town….say at the often desolate sports park lots.

  • Jeff

    Hey Hayspost, there seems to be quite few people interested in on how the city is spending money on bike trails. How about you do a poll and a sound off! A)Totally Against B)All in, both on the dike and city streets C)Meet ya halfway, only the dike.