Superintendent Tells BOE No (VIDEO)

USD 489 Interim Superintendent Dean Katt

USD 489 Interim Superintendent Dean Katt

At the USD 489 BOE meeting Monday evening, Interim Superintendent Dean Katt discussed the proposal of hiring additional nursing staff by the school district.   The district had posted for nurse and counseling positions after getting approval from the board at a previous meeting.

Katt was tasked with overseeing and reviewing the process, and came to the determination that the district didn’t currently have enough available funds to pursue this course of action.  He explained his stance to the board, outlining how he came to the conclusion that adding those positions now would put the district “in the red.”

Katt did commit, however, to revisit the idea at a later time when the district has the funds available to add the positions.

The USB 489 Board of Education also voted to go forward with the replacement of the roof at the High School above the music room and locker rooms. The two areas of the roof consistently leak and is in need of replacement.

The board voted to approved the low bid turned in by Roofmasters for $140,300; $25,000 under what they had budgeted in the in the 2014 Capital Outlay budget.

The board also approved an agreement with NCK Technical College to provide teachers for Auto Mechanics and Allied Health. The tuition for the program is $34,000 for the fiscal year 2014.

  • College Grad.

    Meanwhile, in other actions approved, sports were given more money in the hopes we might some day have a star athlete. Educators, nurses, counselors, etc. always play second fiddle to sports. When will people learn that education is what schools are for. Not to teach them how to throw a football or dunk a basketball. They can do that at Hays Rec or on summer sports teams if it’s really that important. If money is that tight, cut the non essential items like the sports budget or have those that want to play pay for that luxury so we can concentrate on teaching our kids math, science, etc.

    • bobo

      I believe sports can play an important role in development of a child but some of these particular sports, like football, is way out of line. My God its like a religion with some of these people to make sure our football program is #1 and to spend whatever it takes to do that. Some of these sports programs are machines. Money is no object for some of these sports programs. Education should always be #1 priority, not football. we can’t even get kids to grasp mathematics but they know how to tackle someone.

  • yup

    well Fort hays goal is to teach students to get drunk

    • BD

      Hays is known as a drinking town this is why the people want to go to college. As for Katt hope he doesn’t let greg run over him.

  • hmmmmm

    How about cutting our football coach’s salary. He is one of the highest paid staff in the district, and for what to get to the playoffs and choke with his play calling. Myself personally feel we need more counselors in the schools a this time. Look at all the horrible things that are happening around our country, and many of them are in schools. If our kids had someone they could talk to at school, this may not happen. But now when a student goes to talk to someone, they more than likely get told, well Mrs. X is not in our building today, she will be here on Thursday I will let her know you need to talk to her. C’Mon if someone is in a crisis, they need to be able to talk to someone NOW.

    • Doc

      Hays Medical Center & High Plains Mental Health are within a mile of all schools is that now enough for you?

  • johnson

    Uh oh. Trouble brewing. Super tells greg no?? this can’t be good.

  • other shoe

    a good administrator will figure out a way to fund the personnel that is needed. It appears as if this Katt guy is another in the mold of Fred Kaufman: “no needed position can cut into administration’s pay.”

  • Mary

    Wow, as I read all the negative comments posted it is amazing how uninformed some of you are for a community this size. The BOE was checking to see what it would take to add these positions (nurses & counselors) and according to the new Super’s account of current school finance, well, we don’t have the district funds at this time. How in the world does that spawn an anti-sports conversation or an anti-Schwartz comment. “College grad”, you seem pretty obtuse with your comments and I would challenge your degree, if in fact you even have one. You really think our 21k total athletics budget is preventing us from having nurses and counselors? Public schools provide a well rounded education, or at least they are supposed to. Money is tight everywhere, and you say cut the non-essentials, but only list sports. Why stop there, why not cut sports, music, art, band, special education, forensics, etc…because they are not math or science…give me a break with that tired and unintelligent argument! Then bobo and hmmmmm go on to bash the football program specifically, why? Clint Albers presented the sports budgets and our football program receives $3,260 per year, holy cow, you talk about a machine with all kinds of money being thrown at it! Just think about all the people we could hire for that 3k! Are you serious? Then , the Cornelson bashing begins. There is no praise in the fact that he has 3 WAC titles in 4 years for football (more than anyone else) or 4 state track titles. No, just too much money and poor play calling during the playoffs is all that’s said! What is wrong with you people? I’m sorry you are so frustrated and misguided but at least make an attempt at an intelligent statement!
    Maybe I’m in the minority but I am behind the BOE, the new Super and our district as a whole. I want the best opportunities for our students and I think we are headed in the right direction. Change is necessary and way past being overdue!

    • Chris

      Great post, Mary. You will find that intelligence on many of these posts is limited.

    • College Grad

      Yes, I do have a 4 year degree. Unless you cite a reliable source, your 21k sports budget figure you gave doesn’t add up. You have all the different sports for the middle school and high school which need transportation & fuel to games, field maintenance, uniforms, insurance, meals, pay for the coaches and assistants, electricity and water for the fields and courts, sports equipment, and on and on. Yes, I know that some uniforms the players pay for and some meals are out of pocket, but the few items I listed off the top of my head equate to a large amount. And I never said cut band, music, or art. I said sports. And if sports are so essential to you, than have it fully funded by donations, boosters, ticket fees, and participant fees. I’m taxed enough as it is and want my money to go to great teachers and great educational classes and having nurses and counselors available. I’m not willing to gamble my child’s future on making sure they know how to throw a football 😉