Planning Commission Discusses Developments

The Hays Planning Commission met Monday evening.  During the meeting, Planning Inspection Enforcement Division Superintendent Jesse Rohr spoke.  Rohr discussed the recent approval by the City Commission to explore development of Danby Lane. As part of the discussion, Rohr was asked about the proposed Peterbilt dealership and how that development is different to the Danby Lane housing development.
Specifically, Rohr was asked what the developer had asked the city to do.  Director of Public Works I.D. Creech stepped up to address the question.  Creech said that there has only been behind-scenes discussion, no formal request.

“With the Doonan trucking property, there is a lot of infrastructure that would need to be constructed to get out there, and the discussion right now is not about special assessments, it’s more about who should pay to get that infrastructure out there.

“So in that regard, what Doonan is feeling around for are economic incentives to build there, much like you might say that the city will build the Ferris wheel is someone will bring a new circus to town and stay here forever. Or is someone wanted to sell widgets, we’d build the plant and give them the plant. He’s looking for economic incentives.”

The Planning Commission went on to point out that land near Commerce Parkway was set up with an infrastructure to support such a business back in 1994.  Creech said that the developer was presented with the two properties, specifically the infrastructure differences between the two areas.

The preliminary site layout plan for the Doonan Truck Center, Dealership, & Truck Stop development includes one fast food restaurant, one truck stop, one convenience store, and one dealership, among other buildings. At this time, though, conversations are continuing between all involved parties and a formal presentation has yet to be made to the city commission.

  • johnsons

    Hays needs to find a way to make this work! Can you imagine how much revenue a truck stop would bring to town??

    • bosco

      maybe that would help to bring in another McDonalds.

      • WeeTodd

        I think Hays needs another taco restaurant. (typed with sarcasm)

    • John

      It would take 20 yrs. to get back all he wants us to invest. There is plenty of areas for trucks to stop at I-70 exit 159…a very nice truck stop 15 miles west in Ellis. Let’s not be greedy & give our neighbors a break…they spend a lot of money here in Hays.

  • BD

    We need a good truck stop in Hays but the boys better have it on paper that they will have to put in a truck stop. All these big out fits want is a hand out.

  • mouser

    why do we have to give doonan any incentives at all? if doonan thinks this is a profitable adventure they’ll get it done. if not, they won’t. its one thing to give incentives to a factory or plant that produces products and employs many people (like Travenol). not to a truck stop.