Huelskamp: How ObamaCare affects Rural Healthcare (VIDEO)

Today, Congressman Tim Huelskamp released a moving video that highlights Patrick Hilger, Owner and Pharmacist of Gregwire Drug Store in Russell, Kansas, and his struggles to comply with onerous ObamaCare regulations.

Congressman Huelskamp released this statement regarding the video:
“The effects of ObamaCare are appalling and the burden is already being felt by many of our community pharmacies and health care providers. Washington’s one-size-fits-all bureaucratic approach through ObamaCare is smothering many small businesses like Mr. Hilger’s pharmacy in Russell, Kansas. If he were to close his doors, people will be left with fewer options for health care, further deteriorating quality care that Americans expect. Mr. Hilger’s testimony is a prime example of why I will continue to push to defund ObamaCare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution.”

  • Serious

    So your saying that your in a business that you would not recommend anyone else even your own daughter get in to. Then why are you still in it. Is it not profitable. Cant wait to see you go. I only spend about $70 a month at your place but not anymore. It will be exciting to see who takes your place and can be profitable and comply with all the new regulations. Bye

    • Shane Lynch

      Why are you so hateful? Pat’s comments were honest comments. You do not know the ins and outs of his business or the strain that his business is under due to the regulations of a government that is cutting the feet out from under small businesses.

      I can tell by your comment that you have never owned a business before. It amazes me how often I talk to people and they think that if you are a business owner, you just sit at your desk and count the money rolling in every day. Until you get a taste of how very hard it is to survive in business, you can shove that opinion where it doesn’t shine.
      I applaud Pat for his honesty and thank him for having his great business in Russell. I will NOT be joining you in pulling my business from his establishment. By doing so, you are just hurting yourself and your community. That is an ignorant point of view and if you make comments like that, you should at least have the decency to post your name.

      • My response

        Shane heres the problem. I dont respect your opinion it poorly written in the fact that it assumes nearly every point you try to make instead of being rooted in facts or simply just being your point of view or opinion. The reference to where the sun don’t shine is beneath even my 12 year old and is childish. So even though I dont respect your opinion I certainly respect your right to have that opinion. I wont call your point of view ignorant because of the reasons I just mentioned and because well in light of your post I dont think i have to

        • Be tolerant

          Bravo, Shane. And “Serious”, YOUR comments are ignorant and hilarious as YOU’RE desperately in need of a lesson in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

          • Shane Lynch

            Thanks. I’m sorry, but I get pretty upset when people jump on this site and bash people or businesses that they don’t know just because it seems like the cool thing to do on the spur of the moment. They disregard logic and do a lot of damage in the process.

          • Be tolerant

            As someone with a chronic illness, I see both the positive and negative aspects of “Obamacare”…it solves some problems and creates new problems. However, when I was a resident of Russell, Pat significantly helped me and I will be forever grateful and I sure wouldn’t have received the same aid had been utilizing a large corporate-owned pharmacy. Shopping local supports the entire community!

        • Shane Lynch

          MY opinion is “poorly written?” Wow. Did you read yours?
          I think I state my case pretty clearly and your reply does nothing to sway my opinion at all. Please name me one regulation that Mr. Higer is dealing with that you disagree with him on. I’m doubting that you will be able to because, as I stated above, YOU ave no idea what he is up against on a day to day basis and don’t know the ins and outs of his business.

          I would have probably accepted your point of view had you not stated that you were no longer supporting his business. But when you pull that trigger publicly as you did, you are basically asking people to boycott. That angers me as someone that knows what kind of person Pat is and what kind of family they are. He has a very strong commitment to our community and does far more than you do to support it.

          • Ouch

            Shane. You got “owned” bro

  • John in Dorrance

    I’m done there to. Which is to bad there pretty friendly. Im not a big fan of Obama-care myself but this is clearly extreme rhetoric. I wonder if he really buys in to it. I’m going to go with probably not since hes still open and doesn’t appear to be looking for a new job.

  • We can all make a Political St

    Boycott GregWire Pharmacy. Im in!!!

  • johnson

    what a propaganda film. huelskamp–you’re an idiot!

  • Reasonable person

    What!? Uncertainty and higher healthcare costs originated with Obamacare? C’mon. Local pharmacies have been under extreme pressure for years from mail order and large chain stores like Walgreens. A more honest Rep. Huelskamp would own up to his support of the free market that’s starving out local pharmacists like Mr. Hilger. Instead he chooses to present a skewed, partison and dishonest view of healthcare in America. One more reason not to vote for him.

  • Pathetic Excuse for a Man

    It’s Huelskamp…Constantly setting the integrity bar a little lower.

    • Nice

      well said

  • Disappear

    Huelskamp cant stand that Healthcare costs are going down its a fact that just kills hims. if you don’t believe me look at the numbers or ask the former head of the RNC Michael Steele its so prolific even hes not denying it anymore. In fairness to Mr. Steele he doesnt see that as a continuing trend but certainly doesnt deny the Facts.
    I would help with the boycott but im from Hays but ill spread the word. Ahh the “old” Boycott got to love those Free Market tools used for consumer activism I know Huelskamp does. Patrick should have seen this coming Boycotts are commonly rooted in Politics.

  • Hays Resident

    Sorry.. but after reading comments I still don’t understand why people would want to boycott this pharmacy? This business owner was obviously voicing his concerns. IF that means that people need to boycott a business I’m pretty sure people would be boycotting ALL businesses. Owning a business is not child’s play and until you have owned a business (especially one that has government regulations thrown at you) I would just keep your opinion to yourself. If you boycott a local company you are pretty much boycotting your city as well.

    • Shane Lynch

      Thank you. Good points.

    • Frustrated, At Best

      Describing how hard it is to make a living while you own over $500,000 in real property AND go on family vacations around the world AND aren’t even open on Saturdays is HYPOCRITICAL.

      I own a business and realize better than most the commitment it takes to provide quality service to customers, REGARDLESS of the rules and regulations we all must abide by. EVERY industry faces regulations, and ALL business owners must be able to plan ahead, with the ability to be flexible and the willingness to make changes.

      Mr. Hilger has the choice to make it work, or leave the industry. But, please… keep the pity party to yourself.

      As for the “boycott”, we all make choices everyday regarding where to spend our monies. A customer may reconsider spending money at Gregwire for many reasons (not open on Saturday, OTC pricing, etc.), but that choice would not make it a “boycott”. Until I see picket line and pamphlets being passed out, I won’t consider it a “boycott”, but consumer choice.