Fan Fights Police at Chiefs Game (VIDEO)

A Kansas City Chiefs fan, Trenton Karlin, didn’t get to see much of Sunday’s game. Police say they received a call saying Karlin was drunk and had been Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 6.29.59 AMpouring beer on fans in the stands.  Police asked Karlin to go to the concourse to talk and that is when the fight started.

The video begins after Karlin reportedly assaulted a police officer. Police say they used a stun gun in stun mode because Karlin was resisting arrest.

One officer received a cut to the head. At one point in the video, an officer appears to be punching Karlin.

The police department is reviewing the incident.

Karlin was charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

  • screw the police

    Seriously??? He obviously wasn’t trying to fight back. He was unable to. I’d be going against that officer that thought it’d be funny to punch him on the side of the head. Policd brutality and he gets away with it. P.O.S.

    • Chris

      He’s obviously resisting arrest. I doubt the officer thought he was being ‘funny.’ You must have had too many run-ins with the police.

  • guest

    I think a certain cop took this a little too seriously. Punching him in the side of the face? I don’t think that was necessary at all.

    • Chris

      I didn’t see what I would call a ‘punch’. What I did see was a drunk man that was obviously refusing to cooperate, would not stop moving around, and who had already injured an officer.

  • Guest1

    I agree. I don’t think the “punch” to the face was necessary at all! Go figure- a cop that is high on his title! But of course- cops are over protected and nothing will happen, stupid!

  • click here

    It looks like the guy tried to bite the cop right before the “punch”?

  • Tired of idiots

    After reading these posts…..REALLY? I go to the game to watch football, not have some drunk jackass pour beer on me, yell profanities, and be a general pain in the rear. Not at $100 plus per ticket. The cops asked him to leave, HE started the fight, then resisted arrest. I am glad he got tasered and cuffed. Why do people have to act like that and ruin the game for the real fans. Just because you wear a Chiefs jersey doesn’t mean you know squat about football. Stay home and pour beer on your family and see how they like it.