Another Delay for Wind Turbines (VIDEO)

One of the two new wind turbines that will generate electricity for FHSU

One of the two new wind turbines that will generate electricity for FHSU

The wind keeps blowing, but the two new Fort Hays State University wind turbines still are not turning.

The manufacture of a piece of equipment required for the line between the turbines and Akers Energy Center on campus is delayed again.  President Ed Hammond says the estimated start-up is now at the end of October:

Fort Hays State hired “Harvest The Wind Network” in Greensburg for the turnkey project, estimated to cost about $9 million dollars.


  • Windy

    Wish the Commissioners would follow Hammond’s lead & bring wind turbines to the county & city instead of wasting it on bike paths & downtown Chestnuts St.. Our taxes keep going up & the environment going down. Hays isn’t affordable anymore & the climate sucks.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      And wind turbines would fix all that?

    • jackson

      so that means you’re moving?

      • windy

        I’m raising my granddaughter & she will finish H.S. in 3 yrs., then health permitting I will leave & she can go to a college outside of Hays. To citizen pat. 98% of the world’s scientist believe we must have clean renewable energy to offset climate change…I agree with them

    • Joe

      I agree that the political climate and the decisions our so called leadership are making are not in the overall interests of our community. Taxes are high and we have little to show for it. Our economy is strong mostly due to the oilfield industry in our area. Ellis county is the number one producer in the state, yet the city and county have done nothing to take advantage of this. It seems to me that the money should be there to support new infrastructure, new schools, and then maybe visit some of the wants of the community without always looking to increase our already high taxes. We’re bleeding money somewhere, someone please explain if I’m wrong.

      • Lectric Ed ucation

        But, by golly, we’re going to have bike paths and slow down vehcile traffic. Once they put in the bike paths along 13th, I plan to drive my car to the soccer games at bike speeds to help the plan to slow traffic, and save the environment

  • Lectric Ed ucation

    Plenty of hot air coming from southwest Hays.
    Didn’t FHSU contract include penalty clauses for non-delivery to cover the budget impacts? Any business making such an investment and counting on budget impact of a new asset, would make sure the construction contract included such penalties. FHSU wants to play business in Hays and compete agains the private sector, but when push comes to shove, they retreat to living off of our taxpayer subsidy to plan another venture into the private market.

    What ever happened to FHSU convention center and special tax district?

    • reliable

      right along the same line as a soccer field that will be packed for every home game and draw students in worldwide.