Poll: Delay Tattoos or Piercings For 24 Hours? Good or Bad Idea

Health regulators in Washington, DC are considering a mandatory 24 hour waiting period before allowing anyone to get a tattoo or body piercing.  What do you think of the idea?

The Health Department states that this is intended to stop someone from making a rash decision due to drugs, alcohol and other variables.

  • hmmmm

    For one thing this is dumb, as by law a tattoos or a piercings cannot be completed if someone is drunk or suspected of being on drugs.

    • some guy

      but how many still get them high or drunk

      • hmmmm

        I agree, but many of them are with unlicensed shops. And no matter what the government does, these people are going to continue to get them. Because these shops are not going to make you wait 24hrs.

  • Darwin

    Who cares. Why does the government try to control something like this. How about they focus on more important things like Fixing our economy. Just a thought.

  • hmmmm

    Maybe there should be a 24hr waiting period before you can buy alcohol, becuase we dont want you upset for some reason, and go on a binge drinking spree. The government is getting ridiculous. We are supposed to be the Land Of The Free, not a communist country.


  • Just be careful

    I love tattoo regret. Especially neck and face tattoos. It makes the job market just a little easier for some. I am not saying all tattoos say something good or bad about a persons character or work ethic. As an employer, I do not care about tattoos unless their content is noticeably off putting i.e. swastikas or profanity, or their location shows poor judgment, i.e. face/head and some neck tats. I also look for tattoos on the hands, most are okay but some are not. One guy had “love” and “hate” on his fingers. Whenever he would write up a ticket all customers would see is the word “hate.” I got too many complaints about having a bigot/skinhead working and people refusing to return. Business is business and I had to let him go. Tats are cool until they cost me money.

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